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Posted 11 months ago

 I love the base game and have the platinum trophy already but I am loving this new difficulty setting. The AI will hunt you down relentlessly, are pretty good shots and will surprise you by actually hiding for a long time! I have tried the first level 4 times now and every time I died I had to laugh because it felt so right... I had almost finished the level and just about to tackle the castle at the top of the hill when out of nowhere 3 Nazis chase after me from around a blind corner... I'm dead and i'm lovin it...  

Posted 11 months ago

 I can confirm that on PS4 using Authentic Plus that we also have the little white aiming dot in the middle of the screen as well as the Cross Hit Indicator. The Authentic Plus is a great addition to the game though as I have already achieved platinum and this gives me something to play for. It's wicked hard alone but great fun as the Hun really hunt you down, just like real life! Finally...

Posted 1 year ago

 Could you please patch in a way to remove the white "Aiming?" dot in the center of the screen, it's pretty useless and annoying. Cheers