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Posted 2 years ago

Hi Bloody, thanks for the answere, thats how  forum works, helping and sharing news and informations.

Posted 2 years ago

 same problem here, SP, when i go now back to the PS4 - Store page, Info : SeasonPass : Buyed.... no possibilty for an download. I read only here in some posts  the SP-Maps/Guns will follow soon.....( hopefully...)

Posted 2 years ago

 same problem here, i have also a lot of questions open, but i am afraid this forum is really not monitored from some admin or an Rebellion emplyoee, perhaps from time to time an post like " we have an new Update". ....

Posted 2 years ago

 welcome to the " i am frustrated club"

Posted 2 years ago

  •  I found a solution some minutes before. You have to go to the store one more time. There you search "Sniper Elite 4". And then you have to "buy" the things for free.

Not possible in the PS4 Shop, its already marked as "buyed already"  No way back......

Posted 2 years ago

Sorry mean :


Posted 2 years ago

 Hi All, i am wondering, is here in the Forum not an Moderator or Admin from Rebellion ? To answer some question as well ? Or is this only an " Player helpig Player " Forum ? 


Posted 2 years ago

 Hi, i pose this already to the PS4 Forum

Answer from Admin:

The season pass means you will get all future DLC.

The Target Fuhrer mission and Camo skins are the only ones available.

Some weapons should unlock soon.

The rest will follow.

This means  everybody  can buy the season pass but get nothing back...for the moment ? Perhaps somthing in the future ?

Posted 2 years ago


 Hi Batemen, looks like youre right, i saw a lot of people now in some internetpost with the same "issue". For me it was not visible, on the ServicePack offer, that they will plan to activate it in the Future, and not now. Hopefully Rebellion will give us a statement and a timeframe...for the stuff we payed already for.


Nice Sunday, and good Hunting :-)

Posted 2 years ago

 same issue with me, Season Pass, but no extra benefits...whyever

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi Team, i have the pre-order limited edition UK Version and the "german" season pass. I can play the DLC, but i cant see any other stuff, like the3 extra missions...any idea how i can see it ? or load ?