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Posted 1 year ago


>>>Mother Hen is nice but this game needs to keep the isolated feeling it currently has. Karl gets briefed and executes the mission. There is no option to contact mother hen on secure frequencies  so comms are limited to outgoing emergency captured enemy radios.<<<

That's fine, and a good example of the more portable comm equipment available at the time, admittedly bulky, but that could be carried in a back pack.  Mother Hen couldn't be too far away even for the tabletop unit, and if enough maps are near water, line of sight wouldn't be a major issue if she were on a support ship nearby.  I agree about the isolated feeling.  That's part of the suspense factor and adds to the atmosphere.  I'm not talking about constant communication, just a bit more often that only at mission start.

Posted 1 year ago

...  I would also like to see what Mother Hen looks like....

      Agreed, and would like her to play a somewhat bigger role in the game .  Have Karl wear an earpiece and carry a radio so he won't have to find one to call in an air strike, and so Mother Hen can occasionally contact during missions, instead of just at the beginning, him with critical info,  new objectives that suddenly arise, warn him of potential ambushes, etc.    

     Give her a little personality and let her be more of a companion than just a voice over the air.    I'm not saying they should be in contact conversation, just once in a while when necessary.  If handled right it could add an interesting new element to the game, while still maintaining the single lone sniper feeling that makes the game what it is.

Posted 1 year ago

 There have been a lot of cool suggestions here, but if this becomes a squad based tactical game in the future where it's necessary to control other AI, I won't be buying it.  There are enough games like that out there now.  SE is very enjoyable as a single player sniper experience, and it should stay that way.  

What I would not mind is if the player character had radio contact with Mother Hen at all times, so that she could occasionally talk to Red Fox *during* missions instead of just at the start, directing him to hot spots where immediate attention was needed, or warn him of potential ambushes, or any number of other original scenarios.  He could still do the mission objectives in any order he likes, but having constant radio contact with headquarters could add new elements to the game that are not available now.

Posted 2 years ago

 I have only one suggestion:   

Please make every wall, fence, hedge, etc. jumpable, and every taller wall, fence, small building, roof top, etc. climbable that the character should logically be able to do based on his height.

This has been the main frustrating part of playing the game for me.  And every time I think I have it figured out (OK that stone wall can be jumped over, but that wooden fence that's the exact same height cannot) I hit a snag.   Was playing Deathstorm 2 again last night, and tried to jump over one of the low hedges in the courtyard in front of the main building where Galvani is, and could not jump it.  I ran further along the *same* hedge attempting to jump every few yards and eventually found a spot (same height) that was jumpable.  There was no way to tell them apart that I could see.  One section had the attribute and the others did not.

I know this is a small point in an otherwise really great game, but its usually encountered in a situation where I am running for cover after being spotted, so its annoying.   

Posted 2 years ago

     There have been players, and even hosts, like this since the first death match (Doom/Quake?).  Players yelling: cheater, hacker, camper, quad whore, etc. etc.   More often than not because you saw them before they saw you, and they died.  You need a thick skin to play on a public server.

     Not sure what Rebellion can do about it.  I think the best solution is to host your own game and invite people to play who you know, or others you have played with before who you know to not have engaged in the childish behavior.  You can turn off friendly fire, and I have even seen games that require a password to join, although I can't seem to find that option in the multiplayer set up screens.  

Posted 2 years ago

 Just tried  it, and I agree now as well.   Suggest that rather than remove it, they have distance and other status info show on mouse (reticle) over, which would still leave tagging optional.

Posted 2 years ago

 Unless there are other issues with the new version of Authentic, I'm not sure I understand the complaint.  The game doesn't force you to tag, does it?

Posted 2 years ago

 I feel bad for season pass holders who paid for this 5 months ago based on the promise of a May/June arrival.  They at least deserve an update with a new estimated release date.  We know they are reading this thread based on a previous response.  Come on guys, all we are asking for is an update.

Posted 2 years ago

 The originally announced schedule for Deathstorm was:

Part 1 - late March

Part 2 - late April

Part 3 - May/June

Since we have already passed "late May", one could speculate it won't be till end of June, but it could be anywhere in between I suppose.  They are probably still putting in the final touches.

Posted 2 years ago

 It just occurred to me that if you are in the Regilino Viaduct map where that plane is, and you don't know how to blow things up with satchels charges, you may need to go back to the previous map, Bitanti Village, and make sure you find the Partisan headquarters. where you pick up the explosive satchel charges.  I'm not sure how you could have finished that map without them, unless you are doing the levels out of sequence, which is not a good idea for your first play through.

Not having those charges will seriously effect your progress and the amount of experience points you can earn for the rest of the game, and it will prevent you from completing the primary objective of the map you are currently in.   It may also have other consequences that I just can't recall at the moment.

When you get the charges, places where they can be used will have a glowing rectangle on them in the spot where they are placed.

Posted 2 years ago

 When you are close enough to an object to interact with it, a prompt will appear on the screen telling you which key to hit.   Sometimes its a little tricky to get the prompt to appear.  There is a barely visible dot in the middle of the screen.  Get that over the object and it should tell you.  

Check in Options/Controls to see what you have bound to the Interact key.  That' for picking up collectibles as well as for placing the charges that blow things up.  There are other keys used to search bodies and crates.

Posted 2 years ago

 Once the prompt has faded off the screen after picking up a list or document, how can I read it?  I know you can see the count of each category in the Collectibles section, but there doesn't seem to be a way to read the documents and lists from there.  Is there another way?