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Posted 1 year ago

 Tommy.... maybe you can shine a light on this ?

Rebellion own 2000AD.  All those wonderful characters and stories, why don’t they ever really use them for any of their games? I know they’ve made some. 

But I t’s like Marvel having all the characters in the Marvel universe, and then wanting to make a movie, they say “ hey, Let’s not bother with all these characters we already have in the Marvel universe, let’s make some new ones up for this movie we want to make “

That makes no sense.

It’s just strange ~ there sitting on a Golden paycheck IMO......

Posted 1 year ago

  Even on hard this game is ridiculously easy, you can run and gun through every level, which is exactly the same as when I played it in 2006. 

 So where is the legend dairy difficulty that was promised for the redux version? 

Posted 1 year ago

 Ok Rebellion, do you even realise that you’re sitting on GOLD...?

I won’t go into the wealth of material that is ripe with perfect NEW video game IP potential (Devlin Waugh, Slaine, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dogs, Finn, ABC Warriors, etc etc,) ..... I mean HELLO?!

So, Rogue Trooper is great ~ everybody loves him. But everybody would prefer to see a sequel!

And you’ve already got the right game to base it on - Sniper Elite. 

I think Sniper Elite 4’s big open sandboxes, decent AI, would work brilliantly for big blue! Rogues abilities and gadgets really had so much strategic potential that would be great in big open levels. This was never fully realised in the original linear game, and one that was far too easy (even on the hardest setting!) 

Give us a sequel ! Pleeeeeease.....?

Posted 1 year ago

 They are easy to lure....

But every stealth game I've ever played the AI are relatively easy to manipulate.....?

Posted 1 year ago

 Going back to this game after some time -- I'm amazed how impressive and varied the AI behaviour is. The AI seem to be aware of each other and communicate verbally and via hand gestures. 

The AI work together to flank you, search for you, one will cover while his mates sweep the area for you. It's impressive stuff and actually some of the best AI I've seen, and I've played a lot of stealth games in my time. I'd say it's even better than Splinter Cell which is significant considering this is kind of a budget game. 

It begs the question, why doesn't Rebellion do a another stealth game? They have a great foundation here. 

If only Tenchu had this kind of AI !


Posted 2 years ago

 I have to raise this again...

This game, playing on AUTHENTIC difficulty, it's so bloody easy, I have to say, it's ruining the game for me -- so much so I've actually stopped playing. 

I loaded up today, to try and get back into it - I was just mucking about killing folks with unmasked shots, and then pulling out my machine gun to take them down. 

It's laughable - I was peppered with bullets several times, and was still not dead.....? 

Ironically, I think the enemy soldiers actually take way too much damage in this mode as well, anything other than a head shot, they can take inhuman amount of damage from bullets to the body -- and we're talking about normal German soldiers, wearing clothes, there's no body armour here... it doesn't make sense. 

Posted 2 years ago

 That said, not saving on again like sniper elite, it's simply not practical, only because the levels sometimes take a long time to complete.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hidden and dangerous... great game. 

That was way more deadly.

As the game stands currently, on authentic mode, I think you can simply take far too much punishment...

You die much quicker in GR...

I've camped in one position, taking pot shots, and they do attack you, but I rarely feel threatened. 

Think maybe the answer is self imposed handicaps? Perhaps no health packs or, no saves


Posted 2 years ago

I think Sniper Elite is a fantastic game, but my biggest gripe with this game is that it's far too easy. 

I play on the hardest difficulty. 

You can just camp somewhere and Snipe away, or play however you want, and never really fear an aggressive response from the enemy that might end your life. 

I think the AI is pretty good, seem to coordinate, and communicate. There's no real problems with it. 

I simply never feel threatened in this game. And I have to say -- it hurts the experience. 

I'm not sure what the answer is? Even less health, but I find I'm not getting hit that often really...

I've just been playing Ghost Recon Wildlands. Sniper Elite is a superior game in a number of areas, especially AI... However in GR, you can't simply snipe away, they do charge your position, and you die very quickly (hardest difficulty) 

So was just wondering if Rebellion could up with a harder difficulty??

How hard do others find it?

Posted 2 years ago

 I know!!

I don't know why you can't disable it.... I've put everything on AUTHENTIC but Ai TOUGHNESS.. 

But no joy... 

Playing on AUNTHENTIC just doesn't feel realistic due to the enemies being ridiculous bullet sponges... 

Posted 2 years ago

 I can't find how to turn off enemy tagging in the custom difficulty setting. ..? 

Does anyone know?

I would play on AUTHENTIC-- however I find it quite unrealistic how many bullets it takes to take down the enemies in this mode. You get shot with 5 bullets of a sub machine gun from 20ft away, that's a kill, regardless of whether it's WWII...

I change enemy toughness to 'cadet' which is far more realistic. 

Posted 2 years ago

 This is a weak area for Rebellion I've found. There MP is always rubbish due to insane lack of custom options!!

No more was this true than in AVP!! Great game, but MP was ruined by having no custom options! Such a missed opportunity. 


Posted 2 years ago

 I found that you can shoot an enemy in the leg (did this with the pistol) and he will fall to the ground and then you can walk up to him and either shoot him or do a melee kill move where you stab him on the ground! 

Pretty cool

Posted 2 years ago

 I think Rebellions custom difficulty is absolutely excellent in this game, and only hope that other dev's take note. Ubisoft' Far Cry is not bad in this regard. 

But it means you can completely Tailor the experience to your liking, and I love that....

I used to have everything on AUTHENTIC - but then lowered the Ai TOUGHNESS actually down to CADET, but kept everything else, their SKILL, AGGRESSIVENESS etc on AUTHENTIC. 

The reason for this is I found shooting the enemy unrealistic on the higher difficulty, it effectively makes them bullet sponges. I would pepper a German soldier with bullets, and it would knock him over but not kill him?! It felt like shooting them with a pee shooter.

I find CADET is way more realistic... 

Posted 2 years ago

My performance varies. 

When panning the camera around the view of the landscape, where there's the most detail I have bad screen tearing and reduced fps...

In less demanding spots in the level it runs smoothly. 

But the bad performance is fairly frequent. 

It's playable, sure, but hardly acceptable for an Xbox one game. 

In SE3 I had some screen tearing but generally it performed quite well.