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Posted 2 years ago

 Just wanted to add that it has never happened to me when I was the host, but has happened many times when other people are hosting.

Posted 2 years ago

Just confirming the bug. I think it was introduced by the second last BZ patch. It happens regularly, but not always, when you die and have to use a life. I've experienced it many times, but have found an easy workaround, which is to press the options button to bring up the menu and then exit the menu. The workaround only takes 1 second to do after you realise you're frozen so the bug is not a big deal once you figure that out.

Posted 2 years ago

I think that there are more COOP games going on now than ever before. I've noticed quite a number of new players recently (probably due to increased PSVR shipments). However when I encounter a new player they will often remark that they love the game, but then ask why there are so few people playing it. 

I think their assumption on the low number of players is due to the fact that they can only see games that have available slots. In other words, there are likely to be a significant number of games going on that are full or have slots on private (so as to reserve them for friends), yet the new player won't know that. 

The danger is that they will assume the game is not popular and move on rather than wait for an online game to appear (or start one). I was thinking that it might be useful to have a "Total COOP games played in the last 24 hours" (or in the last week) displayed in the server list window. This would demonstrate the health of the game to transient players and might encourage them to stick around.


Posted 2 years ago

I love this game to bits, so I thought I'd share a few ideas for your consideration for future updates/releases: 

Add some more tactics to map movements by assigning supply points a rating out of 3 (or 5).

1 would be a supply point that has low MK weapons, 2 would have medium MK weapons and 3 would have the highest MK weapons. This rating could then be revealed on the map by using a second and more expensive probe, in addition to the standard probe.

Another idea to make the game a bit more difficult on the hardest settings would be to make more use of the red shields (the ones that are already on some levels, but have little purpose at present) to protect key enemy installations or turrets (there could be a brand new turret that always spawns with a shield in front of it). In other words the player would need to first destroy the shield before being able to take out the turret or other structure.

Idea for a new EMP MK 7 weapon: Could have a much larger radius, but the further away from the centre the less time enemies are disabled.