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Posted 2 years ago


1.) Turning speed. Next time you play, sitting in place, spin the tank using on the right stick. Tell me that's not too slow, lol. At least with the light tank.

2.) After talking to a few people who play the game, no one seems to have a problem with the light tank. Funny thing is, every game I play, I -always- choose light armor and fast movement speed. I guess I'm disappointed that BZ doesn't give me that desire.

What I'm finding is that, other people must be better than I am. And that maybe there isn't anything wrong with the differences between the different tanks, but that they don't feel unique from each other as far as character goes. The differences are bland, no style. Having the light tank be able to boost freely would give it character, different style than the other tanks. When it comes to class differences in games, what really makes the differences shine is character. Not just underlying numbers being different.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi again! Yes, you were just talking with me on Reddit, haha.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello all,

PSVR player, here. After a few hours of play, I love the game. It's the first (after trying many) PSVR game that I can sink some significant time into. Most games are like tech demos or VR Experiences.

However, I have some serious gripes with BZ.

1.) The turning speed in tanks is far too low. These are hover tanks, they turn like a WWII tank would. At the very least, the Light Tank should be able to turn much faster than the Heavy Tank. In my opinion, turning speed should be directly linked to controller sensitivity settings like in most FPS games (which don't exist right now).

2.) The difference between the Heavy Tank and Light Tank are not significant enough. The Heavy Tank has so many more weapon slots, why would you choose the Light Tank? The Light Tank should be able to boost without affecting its shields. Something to make it worthwhile, something to make it stand apart and feel vastly different from the Heavy or Medium Tanks.

3.) This is a problem without a suggested solution. Collision mechanics with the environment and co-op players is extremely aggravating. For example, when there is an incline, the smallest little edge of the slope stops you dead in your tracks, then you try to back up and your teammate is right behind you while you're getting blasted by a bunch of enemies. So many swear words.

I love the game! But there are a few things that could be changed to make it a lot more enjoyable and fluid feeling.

I hope to hear other's opinions, other complaints, suggestions, or tips.