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Posted 2 months ago

 I have literally just posted similarly in another part of the forum. How do they do it? I'm using PS4.

Posted 2 months ago

 A couple of nights ago I was playing Co-operative survival on the Village map.

It struck me as strange that someone was managing to place traps off the map, but I just thought it was something I hadn't figured out how to do.

The location was adjacent to the house with the command post in waves 4,5 and 6. You come out of the front door, turn left, go down the slope to the left of the outbuilding and you meet the road.  The game certainly prevents me from turning left on the road and head down towards the enemy spawn point.

In a later session the same player was in the team and I spent some time observing him, in waves 1, 2 and 3 he spent a lot of his time at theat point I described above and it made me curious why focus on this one entry point.

In wave 4 he adopted the same position again and so I spent some time watching him. I thought I'd seem him cleverly throw the traps, climb a fence or use a path I've simply missed. Instead, he simply laid in the road and crawled towards the boundary and beyond. He stood up and away he went down the slope towards the spawn point. I tried it myself but couldn't get through.

It's a shame, he seems to be a very good player and would still be better than me without this added advantage. In phase 7 it got interesting, because I waited for the enemy to spawn and shot one of his three traps which set the others off and I got 4 kills! If you can't beat them....

REBELLION. What's the exploit he's using?

Posted 1 year ago

 I posted on a similar thread and rebellion facebook. I think recreating the Heroes of Telemark, Norway fits with the series.

Small commando unit, blow up heavy water plant, escape across miles of snowy mountains chased by hundreds of Germans. Your job is to protect the rear of the escape holding up the chasing units with traps and long range kills.

Posted 2 years ago

 Just gone around Viaduct and tagged the entire enemy, I hope, without detection or kills. 

Got onto the viaduct struggling to drop down onto the scaffold without detection at present.

Playing at Sniper Elite level. It's a very satisying challenge.

I think the tags should have different options and be part of the scoring system accordingly. I like the idea of timers, invisibility behing obstacles. I would also suggest that tags could reveal on those soldiers visible in your bino's or scope view.

Posted 2 years ago

 Picking up on  your 1980 idea how about one map being the Falklands War campaign.

Argies having light tanks etc and the Paras having to march the whole way but able to call air strikes but having to avoid artillery and air strikes.