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Posted 1 month ago

 The campaign could be played with up to four players as a Soviet Spetsnaz Naval Commando team with the team leader based on Viktor Leonov so look up his book blood on the shore.  The sniper could be a female character based on the legendary Lyudmila Pavilchenko allowing for backstory on both characters upbringing and childhood and the spotter’s role could be expanded on and explored as the senior officer and mentor.  HQ could contact players via an earpiece and concealed microphone after and before embarking on mission and objectives to provide details of newly discovered areas of the map as well as providing backstory on themselves and briefings on Nazis.  The partisans would play an even bigger role than before as now they’d not only have agents all over the map like in ghost recon wildlands for players to get locations of sniper elite 3 style weapon and equipment boxes, they’ll also have a vast skill tree and order wheel to upgrade.  This will mean that completing missions for them and tagging supplies like convoys of medical supplies, fuel and communications gear will unlock commands like sending reinforcements, setting up roadblocks, providing mortar fire, providing diversionary fire and tagging enemies for you.  You’ll also find them locked in enemy bases holding cells and breaking them will mean they’ll grab weapons from from nearby crates to battle the nazis.  Missions will involve, rescuing and investigating tales of jews, gypsies, disabled victims of human experiments from research facilities where chemical weapons like sarin and chlorine gas are being developed at army, naval and airforce bases.  Also atomic, nuclear, germ and biological weapons plants will need to be dealt with before they can field deadly new weapons of mass destruction including, anthrax and the plague.    This will mean that stealth will be more important than ever and so players will need to pick the right tools for the environment.  New equipment will include tactical crossbows, longbows, compound and recurve bows with various tips including broad head and bodkin points delivering devastating stealthy X-ray kills so look up archery companies like Hoyt and historical legends like former Royal Marine and expert archer Mad Jack Churchill. for ideas.  Weapons whether firearms archery or melee will come in three categories range heavy, medium and light, from both the Allies and Axis forces so this link will contain lists of gear to include.

Posted 3 months ago

 There should be much greater emphasis on character and weapon customisation like Ubisoft did with the rainbow six Vegas watchdogs, assassins creed and ghost recon franchises via sniper elite 3 style loadout crates around the map.

Also each region should have far cry style outposts to liberate controlled by a Japanese or German officer with the civilians providing side quests as well.

In terms of melee weapons Karl’s smatchet could be used like this against enemies.


Also the cutscenes with Karl’s allies from sniper elite should be replaced with radio conversations whenever a new region is discovered detailing which enemy officer controls it and the types of missions available with interrogations revealing locations of equipment and XP to upgrade the allies and guerillas skill trees along with your AI teammates.

Provide various versions of each type of weapon from SE4 and include upgrades like parachutes smoke bombs and lock picks along with surveillance tools for eavesdropping on conversations like drones that could perform aerial reconnaissance and take out enemy jammers, generators and anti air missile batteries

Posted 3 months ago

 Make the entire game an open world experience with all the DLC from previous instalments as loadout that’s fully customisable.  You should be able to find ammunition that’s powerful, accurate or quiet, along with extended magazines, variable zoom scopes, rear sights, fore grips, anti tank grenades, anti material rifles shoulder fired weapons and anti tank mines from every weapons manufacturer in existence and consult with firearms experts and get them to demonstrate for new animations

Also from the start every aspect of the player’s appearance should be customisable for better camouflage stealth and protection.  

This would mean soft patrol caps boonie hats, ghillie suits, ballistic face shields, helmets, face paint and uniform patterns shorts, beanies, berets and the ability to choose the player’s. eye, hair colour, length, hairstyle, skin tone tattoos, facial hair and scars.  

Also throw in strategy elements so depending on how many players you have you could order your team to deploy a light medium or heavy mounted weapon like a mortar or machine gun at one position while another team flanks or suppresses the enemy like in full spectrum warrior or a small observation unit could perform reconnaissance and lay in wait to ambush the enemy on large rescue missions.

Delve deep into the various fighting styles around the world to come up with devastating new limb snapping bone crunching fighting styles for subduing, securing enemies or escaping and disarming foes.  Look for new weapons by Atlanta Cutlery and Cold Steel and consult martial artists and have them demonstrate the moves and weapons for new animations.

Players should be able to choose various types of blades, from knives and machete like weapons to various throwing weapons like throwing knives, axes, shurikens and clubs that could be swung.

Visible damage like entry and exit wounds should appear as well as mutilation like dismemberment decapitation organs and bones popping out through skin and more depending on the  ammunition or hand to hand weapon used.

Posted 4 months ago

 Shouldn’t Karl have an AI controlled spotter in some levels?

Since there normally the boss in sniper team he could be a higher rank contrast to Karl and would help by using special optics and then mentioning an enemy’s ranges and distance so Karl can adjust his scope accordingly.

Think how Karl would survive solo by finding safe spots like his sniper nests or remaining camouflaged, still and silent to rest eat rations for stamina, avoid detection and gather intelligence.

He could take photographs for intelligence purposes to supplement maps and blueprints so a dossier/file is available for consultation on enemies and locations 

Posted 4 months ago

 What would a Soviet Spetsnaz Naval Commando team fight like I hear you ask well in terms of hand to hand combat use these videos to build a new melee system

Alternatively you may decide to explore Marine Raiders or Frogmen in the Pacific in which case use these videos for techniques they can use in various scenarios

And pay particular attention to the hand to hand combat section of this video which shows techniques for new weapons like the snatchet

For an example of how a team based open world in the USSR, the Pacific or occupied France would look use this and model the experience on it with ww2 equivalents of the vehicles and equipment while swapping the rebels for Soviet partisans or Filipino guerrillas who will along with your intel officer contact you on radios in vehicles and around the map

This will keep the story action flowing rather than being broken into chapters,

Stash weapons both firearm and melee, parts for full customisation of each weapon and supplies like medicine, fuel and food to tag for the partisans unlocking new ways for them to help from delivering better vehicles, setting up ambushes and acting as backup in a fight.


Posted 8 months ago

Change the entire look sound and feel of the entire game by making it a Ghost Recon style squad based tactical stealth experience so that orders can be issued to three other AI teammates who could alternatively be controlled by other players.  Look for tons of new vehicles, equipment and weapons break them down into light medium and heavy categories with the help of military, weapons and hand to hand combat experts for use in the open worlds of the Pacific and Eastern Fronts.

Think how in or out of vehicles players will be experts at navigating, traversing and exploring on land, sea and air.

Do detailed research into both theatres mentioned above and let it show in the types of special ops and unconventional forces and warriors operating in them, whether they're Partisans/guerrillas, Spetsnaz Naval Commandos, Chindits or Alamo Scouts among others and how they worked together against the enemy.

This will help when looking for ways to avoid the enemy as the guerrillas and partisans knowledge of the terrain will be able to show and guide players along stealthy routes to stay hidden and great spots for coordinating ambushes, observing and spying on enemies to gain information.  

Any information or observations they and other teammates provide will appear on players maps.

Also the firing ranges from previous games could be part of and based on famous bigger training camps/bases for learning the various new skills required and that the game will include to improve players' attributes like stamina, endurance, conditioning, strength and speed so they can move faster and hit harder for longer without getting tired easily.

The longer they use particular weapons vehicles or characters the better they'll perform and more proficient with them encouraging players to invest time in customising them.

Posted 8 months ago

 I think it would be cool if you could have an open world experience where you play as a head of a squad of Chindits by adapting books like War in the Wilderness and as an Alamo Scout team leader by adapting books like Shadows in the Jungle.

You could really have a detailed and diverse setting from mountains to villages, jungles and beaches with players getting visibly dirty and being able to remain inconspicuous through using different uniforms and facepaint to blend in or gain the psychological edge over the enemy.

Treatment of civilians Allies POWs and internees could be explored as well as life under occupation compared to liberation and being rescued.

For an Eastern Front setting you could explore the chilling parallels between life under both Nazism and Stalinism from the use of purges of the military, the role of the Gestapo and NKVD, antisemitism, treatment of disabled people, women, non Aryans and non Russians.

The player could be based on Viktor Leonov and the player's experience as the head of a squad of Soviet Naval Commandos could be adapted from the book Blood on the Shore while the arsenal of small and heavy arms, melee weapons and vehicles needs to be enormous to help and encourage exploration and customisation of loadout 

Posted 9 months ago

 Several things would rock a sequel starting with making the characters deeper and more real  in every way.  A-list actors actors and directors would do this.  This would also mean adding top scriptwriters for a deeper story as well that players really invest in on all levels.

The sequel should be totally open world seeing players Spetsnaz team on one disc travel across the territory Red forces covered during ww2 from 1939-45 on one disc.  

Meanwhile on a second disc players select from one of the elite Allied special operations forces in the also open world of the Pacific recreating their various missions and the importance of the partisans and guerrillas who helped them coordinate these operations.

Great martial arts instructors could bring to life a wider range of melee weapons and attacks for both Axis and allied forces making the hand to hand encounters truly life and death struggles.

The same could be done with vehicle experts to help give a sense of each available vehicles strength and weaknesses so players know what will work in each environment.  This will also include a dynamic weather system showing how troops and vehicles adapted or broke down if the wrong ones are chosen for the missions and environment.

On a separate topic Dunkirk would've made a great unlockable secret map for Sniper Elite 4 and would be an awesome update.

Posted 9 months ago

 I think that the Eastern Front would be an awesome setting but even better than being a lone operative would be making the player part of a Spetsnaz Naval Commando team starting in 1941 with Operation Barbarossa.  The Nazis would be tougher to beat as the USSR's best officers will have been killed during Stalin's purges so the Spetsnaz starting from scratch would mirror the condition of the armed forces as a whole with commanders afraid to take initiative and instead clearing everything with superiors.  The hand to hand combat system would be a mixture of Systema and Sambo and players would have more melee weapons courtesy of cold steel like Smatchets (think of a Roman Gladius) and tomahawks for use in wooded areas to make short work of enemies chopping off limbs and knives like Bowies ka-bars and boot knives or even ice picks for assassination missions.

The Nazis will be supremely overconfident at first but as winter sets in and battles like Stalingrad slow them they'll lose their will to continue and will even start questioning their propaganda when faced with committing atrocities like mass executions.  The player will also have to decide how lenient to be with their squad as keeping the support of civilians will be crucial for recruiting partisans and motivating conscripts.  Vehicles will now be available to pilot, drive and sail for everything from reconnaissance to assaults and quic raids.  Propaganda broadcasts will blare out encouragement and news of Nazi war crimes to keep troops motivated and performing good deeds will be part of side missions such as helping evacuees and refugees find willing neighbors to take them in or helping them flee the carnage via railways, airports and ports into neighbouring countries.  As the war progresses giant tank battles like Kursk will allow players to command tanks and the game will see the largest variety of each type of weapons from each country seen in previous instalments 

Posted 1 year ago

 I want and hope that the world of Italy1943 will be loaded with activities stuff to do and ways to explore during the storyline for every country involved in the allied side and it will be cool if Karl can also speak German and Italian to fool the fascists as part of his cover.

Posted 1 year ago

 We should see Karl and the partisans as belonging to a network on the allied side.  This will mean that he will now be so incognito and chameleon like that enemies and the civilian population will not recognise him in public in the streets and roads or Italy or react unless unless he draws attention to himself through high profile actions unsheathing or unholstering a weapon and attacking which will result in police and enemies swarming and civilians running screaming so Karl must be careful when and how he engages in combat or conflict.  This will also mean that Karl if done right can use crowds to disappear and hide and also visit various establishments to accept missions from his friends once he is anonymous again.

In effect Karl will be able to operate right under the enemies nose eavesdropping on their conversations and his new custom walkie talkie will be like a ww2 version of a mobile phone have an earpiece or headset and discreet microphone to talk to his friends about anything from enemy locations to where to find the best vehicles and equipment.  

Posted 1 year ago

 For a truly powerful storyline I'd merge Sniper Elite's partisan campaign in Italy with treatment of Italian Jews by the Fascists as was the subject of Life is Beautiful by director and star Roberto Benigni.  This would give the Partisans extra motivation to overthrow the Fascists give Karl a reason to find and raid extermination camps where they're held throughout the game either by himself or with a larger force after reconnoitering the camp for information on what he's up against and who's running these evil places.  It'll also make the Fascists into memorable and chilling villains. 

Posted 1 year ago

 To keep the game from feeling to similar to previous instalments have Karl go after senior members of the Gestapo and Waffen SS and also scatter extermination camps around the map where Italian Jews and others are held to be killed by firing squads and gas chambers.  This will make their rescue crucial as Karl can set about raiding the camps freeing the prisoners and capturing the key member of the Fascists running the camps. The more of these camps Karl can shut down the more the ranks of the partisans will grow as they can join the resistance and be hungry to take down the regime.

Posted 1 year ago

Karl should have a walkie talkies that performs the same function as a mobile phone in Sniper Elite 4 so that any of his new buddies can contact him from the partisans to his spotter.  

We should get a sense that everything about Sniper Elite 4 is different and that Karl will never be alone in this new world as he'll be part of a team now and the partisans and the OSS will be hiding in plain sight without arousing suspicion unless they perform high profile activities like unholstering or unsheathing a weapon and attacking guards strolling around.  This will mean Karl can move undetected while walking among civilians and must blend in with them.

It will be like playing a 1943 version of Watchdogs or Assassins Creed with Karl and his allies as the assassins and the Fascists as the Templars

Posted 1 year ago

 I'd like to see the game resemble Assassin's Creed and Watchdogs regarding melee combat.  Karl should be able to use his speed agility Defendu and weapons to pounce from heights onto enemies killing them with a melee weapon instantly or tackle them if they're fleeing as well as disarming and fighting multiple enemies with the ability to perform devastating counter kills and finishing moves.  Weapons like the rifle itself should be able to be used for blunt attacks, the pistols for one handed shots with the free using one of the various edged weapons like a Bowie, Smatchet or Fairbairn Sykes knife.  In addition to blocking parrying dodging and rolling away from attacks Karl should always have his hidden blade on a gauntlet for quick kills even while running.  This will make Karl deadlier than he's ever been armed or not.