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Posted 5 years ago

 Hi guys, on PRO battlezone is crisper and better looking overall. For me its really that edge for reason to buy PRO. Good job with that supersampling rebellion!

Posted 5 years ago

 Yesterday I was able to beat the Normal-Short campaign alone with heavy tank with two spent lives (one at a volcano). I must admit its great feeling to be able to finally beat it with that difficulty :-)

Posted 5 years ago

 Hi Im not from UK but Czech Republic, I understand and can speak English so no problem for me if you will not be reading Shakespeare or Harry Potter - no problems with books though, read HP 1-6 in english :-D

Im not playing everyday but definitely Im team player and really wish to beat the bastard!

In multiplayer I was able to almost beat Volcano two times with good random team. Problem was we havent ammo special guy with us, so we went short of ammo.

If my nationality isnt problem (we have GMT+1) please add me as a friend, PSN ID is fybyfyby

Thank you and I hope we will meet on battlefield!

Posted 5 years ago

 Today I tried campaign on hard multi with 4 players. What surprised me it wasn't so much harder than normal and easy. But what was essential we didn't buy so much weapons in supply points but we stacked up heal mod. That helped a lot! And of course we stacked close together during game. With nemesis always one died Andy other revives him. Then other died and the one revives him now multiply it by two and you get exact picture of our last mission. But it was hard so it would be miracle to survive volcano ;-))

Posted 5 years ago

 Hey great tips! Do you use artillery weapon in team? Has it some limitations? I mean if some buildings in a way can stop it. Also are you able to tag enemies for yourself or is artillery meant to be some great distance weapon as is in wot?

Posted 5 years ago

 Hi guys , I will also share my experience with game. I played maybe 30 games now and 3 times I was able to get to Volcano. One time single easy. Two times  multi easy with good team. 

I admit high difficulty is something which I s  not seen usually in nowadays games. And I admit it awoke something in me that wants to win more than in other games. It's true if the game is too easy no one will come back. Because it's not sim it's arcade. And arcades tend to be hard. It seems to me like if you wanted to revive arcade machines difficulty on psvr. Hence the c.o.i.n. joke :-) . I don't know if it's inevitable to lower difficulty but what will help is some buildable player profile with benefits and buffs as you play more and collect data. So you get finally more stronger and grind something. And for casual gamers and for fun make some mods like survival, players vs players battles, maybe some story mode, so everyone can choose over fun with friends or hard drill in campaign or learning through story. Really this game has potential. I think I will be playing it over and over until I can beat it:-) But I hope I will ever be able to play also other games :-)