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Posted 2 years ago

Hi GalacticMistake, sorry to hear you're having problems. To the best of our knowledge, this isn't something we're able to fix and has been anecdotally traced to hardware or setup issues in the past. We've been trying to get an official response from Sony on the issue. 

We did investigate adding an orientation reset to the 'options' reset but were advised against it as it essentially allows people to play in any direction, rather than facing the camera as the system is intended to work. To the best of our knowledge, no first-party game (like Rigs, for example) uses this kind of reset behaviour.

So the advice is "let people sit the wrong way because they cannot reset" instead of "let people decide if they want to sit the wrong way"?  It seems to me no one would choose to sit not facing the camera (what you end up with now if you experience the drift), and even if someone choses to... it will be their choice and not something enforced, they'll ruin their own experience, right?

Thankfully I don't have the drift issue much, only once in a while, but still annoying to need to reset the VR set to "fix" the problem.

After reading Burggins post above:  If I experience drift again I'll check my lighting at that time. Never thought that could be something, but I do have different lighting at various times.

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by NVranya

 Hm, I think it's mostly a matter of personal opinion or playstyle.

Disclaimer: I played yesterday after a few weeks of absence, the patch might make my opinions irrelevant now.

My opinion on your gripes:

1) Never had that feeling. Perhaps it's because I mostly strafe as well as turning? I combine those to prevent being a "sitting duck".

2) Lights are much faster, if you don't think that outweighs weaponslots or health don't use it. I prefer a light with 2 good weapons over medium or heavy any day.

3) I always find teammates close to me annoying (except when healing each other is needed). Give me room to move. Probably have this even more than you since I like the light tank :)   Suggested action that usaually works for me: use your headset and ask for room, or - less polite - use your horn.

My personal "gripe" from yesterday: the game is too easy now! 
I joined an easy campaign just in case I was rusty, but we stomped over the enemies without any trouble. I know, it was on easy, but it still felt way overpowered compared to some time ago.

On the plus side: I love the neon skins ^_^

Posted 2 years ago

 Interesting. I've asked our QA to see if they can reproduce this at all. It would very useful if you could capture this in a video for us. 

 Well, I guess this rules out my theory of  this being a fix for drifting. :joy:

Posted 2 years ago

 I do have an of issue with the view centre position, but it's not drift exactly.

When it happens, it seems to relate to where I'm looking when I die or when a mission ends. I can find myself staring off to the left or right depending on what was going on at the time. It happens all at once, rather than being a gradual shift.

I sit pretty much exactly 6ft from the camera and don't tend to notice much instability in the view when sitting still. There's very minor back/forth movement noticeable only in the aliasing of straight lines, so I think the camera is tracking OK.

On an unrelated note, I also only just realised that the green bars around the map are probably shield strength indicators. I've been looking for those for a while...

 I've experienced the same thing, with the game (re)setting the center to where I look. Not sure either when exactly this occurs - or if it always happens or not - but I also believe end-of-mission somewhere.

I thought this was their fix to stop drifting, by resetting it in between missions, but perhaps not?

Yes, the green bars around the radar represent your shield (try boosting and watch them drop).

You can also see your shield and health on the consoles in the left and right of your cockpit.

Each team members health is on the left front of your cockpit if you play online:

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Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by NVranya

 Updated for you :smile:

 Haha, thanks! :thumbsup:

And grats @fybyfyby

Posted 2 years ago

 There is no way to switch tanks in a campaign, even leaving and re-joining will not help unless you join a different campaign. You can bring up the team list (L1) while on the tank picker screen in order to see what others have picked to help with your choice.

I didn't mean during the campaign, but on joining, so this (the L1) is probably what I was looking for! :)


Posted 2 years ago

 I'm probably overlooking the obvious, but I don't know how to switch tanks?

Often when going online I choose a tank I like and when I join I see one or two other have the same type.
I'd like to switch tanks then, but the only way seems to be to leave and rejoin the game? (with the possibility of your slot being taken)

I'm sure there's a better way hidden under a button somewhere?

Posted 2 years ago

 if youbhave a family of four it's time to get 4 setups for psvr! :-)

 Would be awesome to have a tanksquad in Battlezone with my girls, but that might get a little expensive. ;)

 Besides, the girls only like Job Simulator and Rush of Blood, so we'll share the ps for now

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by NVranya

Or maybe I'm just being a wimp and playing too many modern games has lessened my skills as a gamer? 

Hahaha, I feel like that too sometimes!  :joy:

But I think - at least in multiplayer co-op - the difficulty is fine as is. Beat normal a few times in PUGs  and on all occasions it is mainly communication and team work, not so much skill per se.

Give a shout out when you need (or find) ammo, or when you need healing. Shout out warnings for turrets, bomb trucks, etc.

Almost everytime an online group failed was because no one was speaking.

I would welcome an arcade/casual mode though. Campaigns - even short ones - take some time, and I don't have the time I used to have :family_mwgg: 

Edit: Rebellion is not up-to-date with the emoji, the last should read as: