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Posted 1 year ago

 Good to hear its still in consideration. Again fingers crossed. 

Posted 1 year ago


Yes, Hotas 4 support would be very much appreciated. 

There is now growing momentum for Hotas 4 on PSVR because of Ultrawings adding support and Ace Combat 7. And of course once you acquire a Hotas you start looking for, and buying, games that support it.

Given existing support for Hotas on PC it would seem a proportion of the necessary legwork has already been done.

Fingers crossed. 

Posted 2 years ago

 I think one of the joys of VR is just the experience of being elsewhere. Battlezone does a wonderful job of putting you "really" in a Battlezone tank or a Tron tank. The cockpit is a chunky joy. But something I love doing in VR is quickly trying a few games and getting theses experiences of being elsewhere. 

A Battlezone Arcade mode, where you can just experience being in a completely bad-ass techno tank and blowing sh*t up would be ace and fit that bill. it should still be a game, where you can lose a life or lose the game, but a reasonable player should be able to traverse the map and win without too much effort in less than an hour. And in keeping with the Arcade name, you should be able to keep on inserting coins for 3 lives.

Posted 2 years ago

 A few easy wins to update:

Add an Arcade mode

Leave the Battlezone should warn you that will cost a life 

You should be able to pay for an extraction without losing a life (2000 data) 

Posted 2 years ago

 I don't see how you permanently upgrade your tank. Do you have to complete a campaign? Or some other mechanism? Or not at all.

I've looked for FAQs or online tips and not seen anything that explains it.