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Posted 2 years ago

 Hi again all,

I've now managed to beat the game in Normal(long) and Easy(medium), both with pick-up groups, but who had good communication in chat.

As many have now mentioned, I think there is definitely a need for an ' Arcade mode', where people get a more casual experience if they don't feel they have the time / commitment for a hard run at the enemy core.

An earlier poster mentioned ammo drops being too scarce but in my experience I've found that good team communication is really vital here. Killing with the blaster does guarantee an ammo drop, and turrets always seem to drop x2 (?) ammo cans when killed. Don't scoop 'em up if you don't need them - call the drop to your teammates and whoever needs it can collect it. I gather there is an ammo replenish super that can be used, but I've not got this or played with anyone who has so far.

I also wanted to refer to an earlier poster who commented on the need for all players in multiplayer games to buy heavily into heal mods early on. This does seem true. I love the game but this seeming necessity to play as one tight healing pack all the time does cripplingly limit play-styles. It would be nice to enable more individual roles / lone-wolf type play within the group dynamic, and I just haven't seen that that's possible yet. That said, I have many tanks to unlock, so am not sure whether these may make this possible later on.

Thanks again for a great game, though - I'm sure I will continue to play for many months. The game lends itself to PSVR perfectly IMHO.

Posted 2 years ago

 Greetings programs!

I wanted to firstly say thanks Rebellion for what I think is a fantastic game! I played the original Battlezone as a kid, and love this! The many 'tips of the hat' to the original make me chuckle! I also think this is the closest I will ever get to actually being Tron ...

That said, it's not a perfect game, the difficulty is certainly punishing. I think some people will always react to that differently to others. Whilst I don't take offence at the difficulty, I can see why some people are frustrated by it. That said, people are posting on here that they have begun completing campaigns, and the game has only been out a week, so maybe more time is needed to see if a consensus is reached on the balancing of difficulty (in my opinion).

I was really interested to read others opinions earlier in this thread on shared lives / data during co-op missions. Certainly, I do see people boosting all over the place to hoover up data that has either just dropped or is about to drop (although I'm also guilty of boosting at almost-dead turrets if I'm desperate for ammo). Shared data did sound like a sensible, viable option to me.

I did also want to mention the meagre provision of starting instruction at the beginning, but appreciate you have already addressed this earlier in the thread. Only when I read your top-tips (now pinned to this forum) did I go 'Ahhhh' and understand a little more.

Anyways, thank you for what I believe is a great game, loving playing it at the moment - please keep up the good work, and I look forward to your continued input / development to the game and its community.

PS - Always looking for a decent squad if anyone sees me on. I'm UK/Euro timezone, PSN=Xcession.

End of Line .....

(sorry, just can't help myself)

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey Zelorian,

Likewise! Please add me on PSN - ID is Xcession - I'll be on all this weekend!! :)