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Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Stinja

 I don't use artillery much, but the "Stop and Pop" tank is quite powerful, and i need to try it more.  Despite the tooltip saying it automatically calculates range on tagged enemies, i'm not sure this works in practice, i still seem to need to "aim" the impact point manually.

The shells do get stopped by roofs, so it's more an outside weapon, and yes it does go over walls.  It's kinda different in the fact it arcs, with the multipack missiles being another that arcs a lot.

Lastly i updated all my tips, adding more and formatting them on Reddit here:  

Unfortunately the forums here do not seem to let you edit posts a day later, and i didn't want to spam them again. 

Posted 2 years ago

 L2 shows the team's setup.  

 Pretty certain you can only swap tanks when you join, then you can select from any you have unlocked by pressing left/right with the d-pad or left stick.  

There is no limitation on players having the same choice, so you can have 4 heavy tanks.  Given all tanks function fairly the same, team composition is dictated more by weapons and pip allocation than by the starting tank chassis.

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Stinja

So a few more...  feel free to tell me to shut up...

- Weapon unlocking:  i'm not sure if this is a bug or working as intended.

Ignore the middle bit, the start of the video at about 6 seconds, the lady says "No new weapon blueprints available", then skip to 2:36 onwards where it shows i've only unlocked 94% and have weapons locked still:

I'v heard this multiple times now, so how is it meant to work?  Is the RNG rolling say Cannons, where i have every one unlocked (or Special items which are all unlocked now), and so that is why there are "no new weapons".  If so it may get frustrating trying to unlock the very last weapon if it keeps rolling other categories.  

I'd highly suggest as a QoL change it ensures you always unlock something, until you literally have 100% unlocked.

- "Life Get" trophy

For us sad no-lifers looking at the platinum, it would be great to be able to track our Data to see how close you are.  If one is earning maybe 70K per mission you're looking at 150 full games... and seeing some sort of progress towards the 10,000,000 might be motivating.  

- Retain players for new game

So you have a good team, but you wipe: it would be nice for the host to start a new game with the existing lobby of players.  At the moment it always seems to boot and close the lobby.  Maybe a vote screen too, so each person can show their preference for the difficulty and length of the next game.

- d-pad highlight yourself

A feature where if you "vote" yourself it highlights your position.  Obviously most useful if someone goes down, and in the carnage they can press d-pad on themselves, which would ping and highlight them.  May need a delay so people can't spam it, or only enabled if on the death-timer.


Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Stinja

 OK i've done Hard solo:

And to be honest i think it's too easy, as i was expecting more challenge.  I'll reiterate what i said a couple of pages back, you need more variation on the difficulty scale.

To stop new players getting frustrated, Easy needs to be easier.

Hard needs to be harder: make me want to group up.  As is, playing with other people is worse than playing solo IMO, as they make things more difficult, you're fighting over scooping Data, and the scaling seems worse with more players.

Don't get me wrong, i love the game, and give massive gratitude for making it, as it's my first serious VR game i've played - however some things just feel off, and could be improved.   I fear for longevity, as the more casual players are clearly feeling the struggle, but likewise you need top-end challenge too.  Not an across the board change of (damage / health) numbers, that's always lazy difficulty adjustment, but (if technically possible) add numbers of enemies, tweak the AI, or more team-work orientated missions.

Whatever tweaks can be done in-budget with minimal refactoring, a few QoL changes, and some DLC would be great to keep things going.

Posted 2 years ago

 Cheers.  One interesting thing is the "sniper".  Is that a tank?

Just i've never, ever seen one, in the multiple hours played so far.  Is it tied to a particular mission or difficulty level?  Just i have to wonder if it's spawning properly.

Posted 2 years ago


"Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found."

Hopefully you're from marketing, and not one of the developers ;-)

Posted 2 years ago

 Infinite ammo basic gun

- if you run out of ammo, hold Square for the basic blaster (as said above), to get ammo drops.  However to keep topped up, weaken the last enemy in a wave with regular guns, then swap to the blaster to get ammo easily.  Also use the blaster to finish turrets from a distance if there's no ground troops, ammo increases instead of wastage.

Cockpit position
- at the start menu lean forwards when it says to press Options, this will set the virtual pilot position, then lean back to your actual normal seated position. Te effect will be you'll see more cockpit; you can keep doing this to suit how far forwards/back you like to sit.

Circle strafe

- You can circle strafe the slower enemy tanks, obviously easier in a light.  Watch their actual gun turret, and keep circling and boosting around it, and it cannot hit you:


- The Nemesis will try and bum-rush you, but can easily be handled.  Use cover and play peek-a-boo with it.  I use the following steps:  tag it (use the triangle key), so you can see it's position behind terrain;  clear other enemies, keeping a bit of terrain between you and the Nemesis;  now find a block of terrain which you and it can circle around, basically anywhere flat-ish and with something you can hide behind;  pop and out and watch for the purple charging-glow;  let it fire, and quickly boost dodge behind you cover, it will do a triple burst;  then pop out of cover and fire at it with a direct fire weapon;  repeat.

Video if tl;dr :

The volcano

- It can be quite a shock first time if you don't know what to do...  If you haven't destroyed all the shield generators before you get to the volcano, you'll have to destroy them there.  Unfortunately it will spawn infinite enemies, unlike in the main map where they come in waves at set intervals as you do damage.  It's much easier if there's no shield gens left!  

You don't need to kill anything, but makes life easier.  In this vid i killed the absolute minimum and just went for the boss-thingy:

On Easy you hack 3 points, but it only spawns a few towers right at the end.  I'm doing my Hard run now...

Posted 2 years ago

I guess i'll add a few tips which i've written for friends on put Reddit, and may be useful.

Disclaimer:  I'm not telling you play this way, i'm not saying i'm correct, just a brain-dump of things which work for me ;-)

Friendly Fire!
- set by the host apparently, but always assume FF is turned on. One of the big causes of deaths when you first enter a game, and teammates aren't watching their shots.


- Heavy tanks can take a bit more damage, but don't sit in the open, still use cover. If you take the Shield Boost item it can really get your tanking up, and is less context dependant unlike other equipment.  Light tanks can actually dodge shots, if you can see them coming.  They are trickier to use however, and may induce VR sickness easier, if you're starting out use a Heavy.

Target priority

- I kill stuff in this order:  turrets;  aerial hoppers;  ground troops (weaker things first, so the little bikes, light laser tanks, minelayers, big tanks last, Nemesis absolute last).  If you can get space, get out of LoS from turrets, and do them last.

Proximity healing
- if near other players little green balls fire off and heal damage other friendly tanks. Having some players focus on DPS, while other get healing is very, very useful.  If someone goes down you have 30 seconds or so to get to them before they die properly and need to use a life.  When nearby their timer stops, and if you heal them up they become mobile.  Upgrading heal seems to effect the amount healed, but not much in way of range.

- don't boost into enemies, not only are you weakening yourself, but dying in the middle of enemies makes it hard to revive you.  For any tank, during combat you can "feather" the boost.  Tap if for less than half a second, let off, tap again:  this way your shields barely drop, will recharge between let-offs, but gives enhanced mobility - most notably with the heavy.


Posted 2 years ago

I had a quick go on Thumper and Drive Club VR on the demo disk and their behaviour matched ours. 

 Easiest method to demonstrate this is use the XMB (main Playstation 4 interface):

- start PS4 and PSVR, look straight ahead

- observe the "screen" is in front of you

- look to the right, until the hovering white controller icon appears with the arrow pointing at the options button

- hold the options button

- observe that the "screen" is now aligned to this new right direction

- now look to the left, until the whit DS4 icon appears again

- press and hold options, note it recanters again

This is the kind of screen reset people would like in Battlezone, as when you have "drift" the screen keep moving and Battlezone's "screen" doesn't not realign where you want it to.


Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Stinja

A few thoughts on quality of life changes, and other suggestions i'd like to see:

- reorder weapon list:  Between missions let us change the weapon selection order.  Could be done on the L1(?) screen-box which pops out, letting us move items up/down.

- Default Blaster:  Allow us to add/remove the default Blaster weapon to the weapon selection list, instead of having to hold the Square button.  Could just be a toggle in the controller options menu, or add/remove to the reorder list above.  Just when soloing i'm using this a lot, and personally id rather just cycle to it.

- shield numbers:  Display a numeric value for shields.  Just on the side panels, where the health is displayed.

- tank stats:  Maybe at the tank select screen, a few more stats like speed, boost speed, health, base shield strength, max upgraded shield strength, shield regen rates, etc

- critical damage warnings:  yes, yes flashing red lights good.  But after X seconds can you please turn off the sirens, and unblock the Tag screen.

- Tower spawn delay:  currently a game-state can change, spawning towers, which then open fire with minuscule warning.  If you're a light tank this can mean an unavoidable death if a tower spawns behind you.  A delay between the radar indicating their appearance -> tower emerging -> and then a delay powering up to fire would be much appreciated.

Slightly less QoL and may require a bit more coding:

- Screen reset:  As discussed in other threads, holding the Options button should reset the VR screen to wherever you're facing, even if it's 45 degrees to the camera / looking at your feet or the ceiling, not to some default facing values.

- other player's pip allocations:  It would be useful to see how other players have allocation their upgrade pips, so some sort of submenu off the L2(?) screen. 

- blue-on-blue warning "friendly target hit" for shooter:  So they know they're damaging friendlies...

- waypoints:  Player placed waypoint marker(s), the circle button appears unassigned so could use that.

EDIT:  added more thoughts...


Posted 2 years ago

 Well i've finished the game solo on Normal now (, and the difficulty does get more manageable as you play, but i still worry about the first impressions of new players.

I'd like to still have people to play with in the coming weeks / months, and given a number of trophies are tied to having 4 players at once, player retention is important.

I don't know if Judge_Moist is allowed to comment on the difficulty scaling, but it would be interesting to know how things scale as you add players, and what exactly changes between 1 and 4 players?

Posted 2 years ago

 I think you can only customise during a campaign, any custom changes done to your tank (i.e.: from buying stuff at Supply depots) is lost when a campaign ends.

When you finish a campaign you unlock a tank, i only got the Aggro tank when i did Normal with the heavy, which gives you different starting points, but you'll need to earn Data and upgrade as usual to find specific weapons etc.


Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Stinja

 +1 i also get "left drift".

Your body, head and Battlezone screen start aligned in one direction, and over time the screen moves to the left.  Meaning your head and Battlezone screen-centre now face a different direction to your body.

Other games Options-reset realign everything back to the start, Battlezone does not.

While the drift may ultimately be a fault on the hardware / API side, Battlezone's reset option does not function as expected.


Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Stinja

I made an account to chip in here too.  

Sadly i think difficulty is an issue:  people want to experience VR of different skill levels, and Battlezone has generated interest from my circle of friends because it's a "proper" game. 

First up the price has put off a lot of people, they may like the demo, but £50 is a lot of money for some (having just spent up to £500 on all the VR gear required) to take a punt on.

Then there is the difficulty, and if they get destroyed 3, 4, 5 times in succession on Easy some may not keep going.   As Enuebis said there's a culture of trading into CEX etc to recover losses on a "bad game".  They may lack pushing through the barriers to learn and adapt.

It does seem to me the difficulty is too flat.  If you take other co-op games, say Earth Defence Force or Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, there is a world of difference between a team playing ME3MP on bronze or soloing platinum.  Both are possible with skill and equipment, and suit different people.

With Battlezone the difficulty starts tricky and ramps up, you need to hook people before you punish them.  e.g.: if playing solo, the gank waves of enemies feel harsh if you have the "stop the upload" mission, or the hack with both bases.  I accept these as lost missions, as just try to earn as many credits as possible, while not losing a life.

Don't get me wrong i'm not adverse to hard games, i enjoy genres with games like Demons/Dark Souls, Operation Flashpoint, or Ghost 'n Goblins, but i have to ponder if the decisions made are best for a launch game on essentially a new platform.

Like why have shared lives, but not shared credits?  I see people furiously boosting to scoop up orbs before other players, often putting themselves or the team at risk.  If credits were shared, so no matter who scooped them you got shares on mission completion, it may adjust "greedy" gameplay.

Likewise sharing lives means players joining and essentially making progress harder by dying and using up all the saved lives.  If lives were individual, or unable to be used until you had completed at least one mission, it may resolve things that side.  It just feels odd you have part-sharing mechanics, and part greedy:  go all out on sharing say.

Another thing which may ease things would be like introducing "shield gating", whereby if you have any shields left, the next shot does not bleed damage through, but expends all energy for that shot.  This would stop being one-shot, and give players a chance to respond, and make light tanks a little easier to use (being one-shot killed with max upgraded and full shields on that sector feels harsh).

I enjoy Battlezone, but just wish it was more accepting to new players, and adjusting difficulty on Easy would help a lot.  I just hope something is done soon before the hype wears off, and it becomes associated with a game to avoid buying.

PS:  your "reCAPTCHA" checks are really, really annoying if typing out a long post...