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Posted 3 years ago

 Thanks for the replies. holding the options button closer to the system or camera doesn't seem to help. In fact I can't find any button that will reset the camera view. And this is strange, since it works just fine in other games. There are also no bright lights or shiny/reflective surfaces in the area. Will try switching off and on the headset, but we definitely need an easier way to do this. 

Posted 3 years ago

 Just started playing Battlezone on PSVR and it has been tons of fun. The issue I'm having is that each time I play a map, the camera shifts its center point a little more to the side by the end of each map. So by the time I start the next map I have to turn around a bit. And by map 3 I'm turning 90 degrees to one side. Holding the Options button on the controller doesn't seem to reset the camera angle either.  Anyone have any tips on how to solve this?