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Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by patrickparish

 A couple of suggestions I would like to see.

Better timing ability, most people even back then had watches and could coordinate operations much better, especially for co-ops.

More user options for playing ops during the day/ night.

Better ability to sight the scope, making the distance and wind targeting more realistic, and more reliance for a spotter especially in co-op games to encourage better teamwork.

More interchangeable parts options. ie. A 7x scope for one weapon, should be able to be fitted in place of a 6x. Also, more advancements according to time rather than points/levels of the game. The advancement of the rifle scope in Sniper Elite 1 was cool.

More of the actual history behind the inspiration for the stories. Call me a history buff, but I loved the diaries, and Karl's description of the actual history of the Ratte construction (after about 5-10 mins of credits) at the end, but overall describing the letters home, and the officers' communiques and the survival notes of the time.

I liked not being blown up on the traps that you've set, as one would have to be a complete moron to step on their own traps.

More tactical options. I seriously doubt that someone could be stopped by a six inch rock, or a wooden plank, or incapable of climbing a better hill, or swimming to another shore to make a better shot.

More options to change clothing in between missions having the effect of blending in with the surroundings. the enemy snipers have the ghillie suits and such, so why wouldn't the main player be able to blend into the background

Better AI's. The current AI's are distracted by a rock when they're a position where rocks are falling all over? really?

Anyways, those are just some of my wishlist items, I do get it that it there has to be some limits b/c many people don't have the money for the best machines and some on my list may not be possible on even the best machines and all.

It's just a few things on my wishlist.