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Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by douglaspsvr

 oh yeah  I've seen that on the dashboard but no time to look at it when you're surrounded! :-)

Posted 3 years ago

 when you get the time I'd like to see some pics with descriptions of the different enemies. 

noticed some just drive up and explode.

   there's another one that is large and looks like it has alot of weaponry but doesn't seem to shoot much


Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by douglaspsvr

 I'm not a dev,  but if you complete the game on normal or hard you can unlock some new tanks that you can start with.   

if data carried over to each new campaign,  you'd eventually be able to start out with a super tank,,  while it sounds fun,  the challenge would be less. 

in the mean time this should help

battlezone tips 

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by douglaspsvr

i thought it was very difficult at first and after many tries almost got to the end for once.

Everyone needs to realize that you have to take your time,  not rush it,  be aware of your shields,  and upgrade your weapons when possible. positioning during battle and fighting while retreating is also important. 

its  more  a game of chess and not a simple run into the fire arcade game

Posted 3 years ago

 aside from the difficulty it would be fun if you could add an arcade mode where you just shoot tanks and have fun. 

Posted 3 years ago


i know  red items on the map are enemies. 

what about white and the white tower icon? 

are blue items allies? sometimes i see blue tanks that dont seem to attack but have a damage meter.. why are they blue? 

when protecting the base its green on the map... is it green because thats my current objective or because it is an ally? 

simply put if you could make a map icon and color legend guide that would  be cool.