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Posted 2 years ago

 to fix drifting just turn off the psvr headset then back on.   i used to get it all the time until i sat close to the camera. 

it's a sony issue

Posted 2 years ago

 carnival games just released... they might like that one too

Posted 2 years ago

 if youbhave a family of four it's time to get 4 setups for psvr! :-)

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by douglaspsvr

 having healing mods make some sense  if everyone plays less cautiously... 

if the group also knew how to play individually  healing mods wouldn't be needed as much and it can be spent on shields or weapons 

i have had people warn me not to go off alone but i can play alone as well as with a team.   

i was often flanking the enemy while they were attacking the rest of the team 

Posted 2 years ago

 by making something balanced does the game balance itself by looking at the players strength then adjust or is it a static adjustment where the enemy strength is the same? 

Posted 2 years ago

 lol...  I'm glad i bought the disc version so if i don't like the  updates i can play the original. 

easy does need to be made easier as well as the other things i mentioned in the thread 

Posted 2 years ago

 and ifbits co-op then you definitely need to change it where the data can be shared amongst the team

or at least if someone joins online after tge campaign has started they need to start with some data 

Posted 2 years ago

 a dev recently commented that he noticed many were playing a short campaign but should have chosen a long campaign to gather more data... 

then why make a short campaign? 

an easy fix would be to have the player start with some data when choosing short or medium campaigns relative to the amounts of items at the closest supply point when starting a new campaign 

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by douglaspsvr

 i think the fastest way to patch the game is to downgrade all the  levels  and what is currently the hard level  have a new difficulty level and call it extreme 

by downgrade i mean enemy damage,  damage taken,  enemy fire rate and number of enemies. 

also a boost for the blue ai damage (given and received) , and increase the number  you have helping you when less than 4 players 

Posted 2 years ago

 Another thing thats extremely annoying is the fact that I work my way to unlocking certain weapons that I really like but then I'm forced to find a supply point THAT ACTAULLY HAS THAT WEAPON FOR SALE! I'm being forced to play the game a certain way which is just bad design in my opinion. Its like, you can customize your tanks with the weapons you unlock... if you can find them. But just so you know that trying to find them means wasting time running around a map all while the game is getting harder because you... well... want to customize your tank to fit your style of play. Don't tell me I can customize my tank to my liking then penalize me for wanting to do so. It's just so confusing why the systems are built this way. One or two combined wouldn't be too bad (still shitty) but having the game 1) get harder the more time I take, 2) supply points randomly having weapons causing you to take more time to find what you want and 3) having to start from scratch each time you fail is ridiculous. Why are you forcing me to rush thru the game? Seriously?

And lastly, I'll just say rarely do you see players leave a game or trade it in because its too easy. And if it happens, the ratio between that and those who trade in games because they are too hard leans heavily towards the latter. Its just not a fun game at the moment. Its frustrating and feels like a chore. Hopefully this patch hits soon cause I'm close to just deleteing it to free up my hard drive for something thats actually fun to play.

Enough ranting tho. With futher posts I'll try to give feedback for ways to maybe improve the game instead of just complain about it. If I even keep playing it anyway.


I was thinking about the weapons available at the supply points.

I think I actually like it and prefer it this way.  According to the background story, you're part of a small group fighting against the world.  

So a supply point may offer you stronger weapons it just may not be the ones you want.  So you make the best with what you have.

From a gameplay point, it keeps the game challenging and requiring a person to think different in how they accomplish a task(s).  Instead of me getting my preferred weapons all the time and playing the game the same old way....

this way it forces me to adapt and do the best I can with what's available.  Just as it would be in a "rebellion".

I see battlezone no different from chess... it's just fast chess.... in chess you're paying attention to multiple things at once and adapting on the fly, strategizing and changing your strategies as things happen.

Posted 2 years ago

 I'm not trying to offend anyone nor am i some great gamer... I'm casual... 

i did say in my post that easy does need to be easier 

Posted 2 years ago

 i was frustrated initially until i figured out how to survive and play the game... and I'm not one to even play games on hard difficulties. i agree though that the easy level does need to be easier 

Posted 2 years ago

 ok thanks.   with you having said that i hope you dont downgrade all of the levels... or you could downgrade them and make what is now the hard level an extreme difficulty or something like that

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by douglaspsvr

 whatever you do devs,  just tweak the easy level...... 

is it possible to complete the hard level as a single player? 

as a developer are you able to complete on hard with each playthrough? 

i am enjoying the challenge but agree easy is somewhat hard but i think also many may be approaching the game incorrectly 

till we get a patch everyone,  just hold on to your game and check out these tips

battlezone tips

Posted 2 years ago

 if you modify easy will the other levels remain the same or downgraded as well? 

or will you just have easy normal hard extreme?