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Posted 3 years ago

 Will go watch it, but if it's as you say then I will instantly pre-order :)

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Azmodian

 Please, please..... PLEASE put this in for Sniper Elite 4. Bought  SE3 to play with my buddy and we were so thrilled to see each others x-ray shots in the first mission.. and then so saddened and dissappointed to find out that that was all that existed in the co-op campaign.

When we realised we couldn't see each others kills we stopped and played single-player, it literally killed our co-op experience. Half the fun of the careful aim/positioning is the reward of seeing the resulting kill. There is a small arguement to be made for having it get annoying/jarring for the non-shooter eventually, but we find it weak in comparrision to what the game lacks without that feature for both players to enjoy together.

Can we please have it as a feature in the players control this time? If people don't want it, they can lessen the regularity, speed it up or turn it off completely. That seems like a much better solution. The fact that it was in the first mission means we know how awesome this feature would be and that it's possible. Making it a reality would cement the purchase of this new game for me, my friend and i'm sure many, many others.