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Posted 2 years ago


The game will be releasing on PSVR first. 

The PC version will follow. Its confirmed for the Oculus only at the moment.

 If I may ask, I know this is a gamepad game but are you able to use touch controllers to mimic most of the gamepad? Because when I was playing the PSVR version in the cockpit when the screens would come up and you could look at your upgrades etc and use the pad to scroll through, I imagined how much better that would feel if you could tap on the virtual screens with a pointed finger (which only Oculus touch allows), this would feel very cool I imagine to interact in that cockpit with proper hands/fingers, then make them mimic a gamepad once you enter the main game?

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 I agree, have also owned VIVE (amazing tracking but awful comfort imo and also loads of god rays) and tried Rift CV1 (better on comfort but worse on lens flares and other issues + no decent VR controls till touch, finally, ships) - PSVR even with its flaws seems about the best compromise right now for price, comfort, lens quality and software support. It's early days and am hoping everyone raises the bar for Gen 2.

Posted 2 years ago

 ok thanks for the reply. The other HMDs do it too, but frankly I was fine with DK2 SDE and all cos it had stunning blacks and no god rays (thankfully PSVR doesn't have god rays!). I assume they use a filter over the screen for SDE which may or may not be as clear as we'd like. I dunno. Still all very cool though and obviously the tech will get better in the years to come!

Posted 2 years ago

The 'unsharp' thing may be a question of MURA or lack of contrast. I noticed it too vs some other PSVR stuff (Playroom for example). Depending on the choice the devs made to bathe the words in ambient light rather than 'real' lighting this could give it the sort of washed out look. The original 2D videos did look more punchy and crisp and it wasn't down to resolution, think the PSVR needs over hyped contrast and less ambient lighting to offset the mura ???

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 FTR I get this too. Sometimes it's OK other times it goes haywire and is offset and my only solution is to turn in my seat. "left drift" is something happening on a few PSVR titles though.

my setup sounds similar to the guy above (6 feet away - sofa - camera on top of TV 51" on med height stand - BACKLIGHTING behind TV no lights on in room). My leather sofa was reflecting the back of the HMD lights though so I put a dark material over it (non reflective) am also backed up against a light greyish coloured wall but it's hardly reflective. No windows uncurtained, no mirrors in the room.

Question - do the devs use the camera with the left lens at centre (rather than the whole camera?) as many of us didn't pick up on that at first, since moving it so my left cam lens is dead centre tracking has appeared to be better, but it could be placebo? (the setup instructions show the camera offset in the diagram with left lens as the only one that tracks VR?) Can the devs confirm this please?

Posted 2 years ago

 They won't tell you, but they did hint at some improvements. I'm getting PRO so hope so. Sony obviously don't want to shout about it too much for fear of putting normal PS4 owners off PSVR (don't be it works great) BUT clearly they need to also realise that real VR fans don't mind spending a bit more again on a better system so long as we have real improvements.

Last I heard was the GPU in PRO has some VR boosts (similar to Nvidia Pascal) which could if true, and if used right, give us massive boosts in speed which can be used elsewhere on better graphics, AA, Supersampling and lighting etc.

I like Battlezone, had a blast online already though I find it quite complex so am taking it slow. If they could do supersampling, AA, and maybe increase the contrast a bit that would be awesome. I think the only thing that stands out to me is the washed out look sometimes, so perhaps a bit less ambient lighting and more punchy contrast (like the pre release vids) would have been nice to offset the HMD's own 'wash' (Mura).

Talking of which, on VIVE which I had they tried hard to correct MURA (but imo failed) what causes this? it's different from screen door effect (which is good on PSVR) but Mura you can see when in the tank in the dark, or on rush of blood on the dark levels, but I don't recall ever getting this on my rift DK2? It can't be to avoid black smear can it? never going true black cos I've seen true blacks (and black smear ) on other PSVR things so not sure what gives, but I'd love them, or devs if they could to reduce the MURA effect (the grainy linen overlay on dark scenes). Unless it's part of the hardware. Still as said I don't recall DK2 having it so... 

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 +1 for at least an applicable logo made from primitive shapes (so we can customise a bit) like Battlefield 4. Paint colours for the vehicles would also be welcome.

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Sharpfish

 I imagine quite a few people will be joining up here soon. Say hello!


VR history? Had DK1, DK2 and VIVE. Each had their positive sides but ultimately PSVR is a slicker more 'fun' experience right now. I await Gen 2 PC VR for it to get better ergonomics. I've now sold my rifts and VIVE and I expect PSVR on launch day (Amazon UK) along with Battlezone VR!! (of course).

I was born in the mid/late 70s, an oldie sure, but I recall playing the original battlezone in the arcades around 82/83 on many trips to the coast. Was always one of the most popular cabinets (along with spy hunter and star wars though they were a bit later IIRC).

So, enough talking to myself (for now). hello/goodbye :)