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Posted 3 years ago

That are good news Rebellion!
I hope that your protection against cheater will work. Very nice to see that some GTH cheater (like Pantera,  Ghosts.PL*black eagl***,...) are banned now, because they ruined all Sniper Elite games (1, V2 and 3), they were flying, shooting from sky, running faster than Usain Bolt, teleporting, infinite ammo,...

It would be great if your anti-cheat system would recognize all the hacks, because it is not always easy to get 100% proof that a player is cheating.
Of course when a player is in sky and shooting you in a game with the option "show player killer" where you can see the cheater in heaven, it is 100% proof that he is a cheater or when a player is jumping around like a kangaroo and using rifle as maching gun with infinite ammo, but what about other cheats?
Your system should check the game data of the player to detect cheater who use modified skins that they can see their opponents better (glowing or maybe pink).

Is it necessary that a video is not listed when a cheater gets reported? Some cheater are so stupid and the videos that shows them should be public ;)

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Boandlkramer

 @Rebellion: sounds good, but are these plans only for SE4 or for SE3 and maybe SEV2, too?

Posted 3 years ago

 @ Rebellion can you please answer me to the question i posted 1 week ago? I asked if you did something against cheater in SE3 now. I saw that some cheater of SE3 like BARBAROS (TURKISH-ELITE-FORCES) and Tom have VAC bans now, it is great, but there are still many cheater, here is a new example of a cheater:

Posted 3 years ago

 @ Rebellion: Did you make a anti-cheat for SE3 in the last time?

In the last days i checked the profiles of 3 cheater who used cheat in SE3 and they have VAC bans now.

They only played SE3 in the time they got the bans, so i think they got the bans for SE3 and not for other games.

Are these bans a result of a new working anti-cheat for Sniper Elite 3?

If this is true, congratulation, this would be the best news from Rebellion and a good advertising for Sniper Elite.

Thank you!

Posted 3 years ago

Sorry KeyserSoze, i did not want to hurt your eyes, but the character of a Deathmatch is run and gun. It is vital to zig zag to make it difficult for opponents to kill me. Movement is important to find opponents by listening to their shots and looking for muzzle fire.

Posted 3 years ago

In SEV2 TNT is very usefull to create a new spawn. When you are in a spawn trap because of a camper like in a house at Blackmarket and you can't get out without getting killed by opponents and you always spawn in this house, it helps to place TNT in the house, take a grenade and throw it to the TNT. Before the grenade detonates, you should let kill you by opponents. It is important to be dead before the grenade explodes, because when it detonate after death, the own team member ket killed by the TNT. The house is clear and the team has a new spawn point.

Posted 3 years ago

@Rebellion: please make a working anti-cheat for Sniper Elite 4 and if possible for 3 and V2, too.

Yesterday i played SE3 DM Ghosttown PW120 and saw that a player "hac?mulla" killed many players with Landmines and when i came to his position, there were many Landmines, too.
His motion was not normal, he was faster than Usain Bolt and he was shooting too fast with infinite ammo (Panzerschreck has normally only 3 and needs much time between the shots).
After starting a vote against him, he insulted me and other player.

Here is a video of the game yesterday, i hope it is allowed to post this video which i made for Rebellion:

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Boandlkramer

In SE3 mines stay active until respawn, that's correct and the same like in V2, too.
The death count, but the kill does not count. When i throw a grenade to an opponent player and he kills me with rifle, he gets the kill, but i don't get a kill when my grenade kills him after i am dead.
Here is an example TDM Lost Valley PW400: I heard that somebody comes to my position and throw a grenade, Eugene takes rifle and kills me. My grenade kills Eugene short time after i am dead and destroys a mine which kills in chain reaction 2 other player (Rahdyxc and wicked6).
3 player of opponent team are dead and me, only Eugene gets points for the kill of me, but i don't get points for the kill of the 3 players.

Posted 3 years ago

 I played more than 3000 hours in SEV2 and i am admin for some teams in Sniper Elite V2 (Parano, Blackeagle, BadBoyz) and baned many cheater.
It's not always easy to detect cheater. When a player is flying above the church, it's clear and he get a ban.
But there are more cheats, infinite ammo, skins (they see other player pink), 0 heartrate, wallhack,... and it's not always easy to see who use cheat or who use bugs like teleport bug.

The doubts if a player is good or using cheats are not good, because good player are suspected to use cheat or baned although they don't use cheat. If there was a working anti-cheat, there would be no doubts. Good player are good and bad player (who need cheat) are bad.

In Sniper Elite 1 and 3 are also cheater, you can find many videos at youtube.
This is really a big problem.
I really hope that the developer find a working protection against cheater.

Posted 3 years ago

 Cheater like GTH ruined multiplayer in Sniper Elite 1, V2 and 3.
Can you please make a working anti-cheat for Sniper Elite 4?
I am not sure if i will buy SE4 when the problem with the cheater is not solved and i know many player of SE (1, V2 and 3) who will not buy SE4 when there is no working protection against cheater.