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Posted 3 years ago

 I've supported Rebellion through the entire Sniper Elite franchise. My experience with the acquisition of Sniper Elite 3 Special Limited Edition somewhat soured my attitude toward Rebellion. So, I'll let you know what happened and how Rebellion dealt with it.

Thinking it was for dedicated fans of Sniper Elite I purchased the SE3 Special Limited Edition for around £98.00. Before the carriers even delivered it Rebellion had dropped the price significantly. Disappointed with Rebellion's marketing decision to heavily discount the Special Edition I wrote to enquire why a limited run product (meant for avid players) was being "sold off" when the whole idea of Limited Editions is to invite your most loyal customers to show their respect for the game developers and designers by paying a premium for a unique collection of franchise merchandise.

Rebellion's reply suggested the Special Edition was not selling well and that they didn't have storage space for all the unsold copies. I tried playing my violin whilst reading their reasoning, 'cept some strings broke and the bow warped.

I replied with the suggestion that a gesture could be offered to those of us who felt cheated by Rebellions greysuited. Maybe a Steam Key for the Trilogy or a discount voucher for any Rebellion game. I never did get a reply. My cellophane clad SE3SLE now sits on top of my games cupboard as a reminder to never buy another Rebellion game until it hits bargain-basement price (the upper limit of which is £3.50).

Happy sniping!