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Posted 3 years ago

 there is something that could be done actually . limit the sales to digital only ... or you buy a physical disc but with some lock on .

or , get this , you get a CODE 1 on the box which you use to redeem the product on STEAM or PSN and then get CODE 2 at the launch day which you can activate the game with ...

Posted 3 years ago

 what is the criteria of who gets transferred to another team?  Because it sucks being random and top player changes his team or like it was before.  The first one to get killed gets switched. I think it should be maybe the lowest score player... 

Posted 3 years ago

 "we've been working to improve Sniper Elite 4 multiplayer to ensure you have a good experience. We've also been taking action against cheaters more recently, and will have the ability to ban users actively using cheats in Sniper Elite 4."

Posted 3 years ago

 true . this is my sole and primary reason why I will/won't buy a game ... playing campaign is nice and dandy but once you finish it , it will never be as fun as before , whereas multiplayer is a learning experience with each passing day ...

give us some MP vids ... 

Posted 3 years ago

 Few friends and me administer the sniper elite groups on facebook for years now and we accumulated over 6260 members with new ones coming daily , covering all sniper elite titles so far ... But the SE3 page, as it's no longer supported by the developers will be closed off and made unable to post in it . 

New Sniper Elite 4 is coming and group was made back then already when the game was announced . So now that will be the new main page on the facebook for you to post, discuss , share , ask , learn , promote etc ... We will even try to have some competitions and prices as the game steams up .

No matter what platform you play on , you are free to join

Good luck and see you on the battlefield !

Posted 3 years ago

 i think there won't be a demo because a demo needs some time too . to decide which level gets presented , what features will be in and stuff , it takes work and time and i don't think rebellion has it . they never did a demo thing for any of SE games so , chances are slim ... all i care for is replayable single player experience where you can truly be a ghost and and not having to kill and entire map of nazis to plant one explosive and a multiplayer that will be at least close to original SE or V2

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Bull_the_Great

I personally would like it to go modern because I wanna see the switch. I wanna see new mechanics and design. We had Sniper Elite Berlin 1945 , Sniper Elite V2 , Sniper Elite 3 and now Sniper Elite 4 all in "old era", I think it would be time to go modern and see what Rebellion can cook up this time ...

Vote and voice your thought ...

Posted 3 years ago

 you CAN turn it off in server settings or filter for games without it. 

In campaign it's still retarded.  If you can't shoot and judge the distance, just go for the no gravity option and you are good to go.  If a game has to tell you where to put your scope in order to kill, you might as well sell your cojones because you don't need them... 

Posted 3 years ago

 in CS GO,  you can see in console how many bullets landed on your enemy, and what was the health toll.  Something like this could be implemented,  it IS in game already, on server, only thing would be for devs to make it visible to the player

Posted 3 years ago

 i wanna see the complete and hardest,  most realistic challenge of them all.  If you are hit in center mass,  you die,  but same goes for enemies too. 

It would really bring out a next dimension of hard core challenge for only the most skilled and persistent ones.  

To finish a mission in complete stealth and never get shot would be the ultimate sniper simulation... 

Posted 3 years ago

 rebellion said we will have more tools this time.  So i hold them by that.  We need full array of options for both private and dedicated servers.  Especially kick/ban... 

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Bull_the_Great

 if the next sniper elite stays wwii,  it will be really disappointing.  After 4 titles in same theme,  we really deserve some futuristic modern shooter, new engine,  mechanics etc .

I suggest rebellion to take 3 years and start cooking on some new scenario,  main protagonist and everything. Fans will understand the time.  It is less evil to wait longer for a new title than to have another one soon that looks more of a DLC than new installment... 

Se4 should stay supported and patched the whole time ofc,  not abandoned like se3 is now... 

Posted 3 years ago

In SE3 mines stay active until respawn, that's correct and the same like in V2, too.
The death count, but the kill does not count. When i throw a grenade to an opponent player and he kills me with rifle, he gets the kill, but i don't get a kill when my grenade kills him after i am dead.
Here is an example TDM Lost Valley PW400: I heard that somebody comes to my position and throw a grenade, Eugene takes rifle and kills me. My grenade kills Eugene short time after i am dead and destroys a mine which kills in chain reaction 2 other player (Rahdyxc and wicked6).
3 player of opponent team are dead and me, only Eugene gets points for the kill of me, but i don't get points for the kill of the 3 players.

 now this is an utter doodie ...

I also say leave the mine thing as it is ... until you next spawn . mine should stay ...

Posted 3 years ago

Sounds like a cool idea. I will let the dev team know. 

I doubt with how busy we are currently that this would make it into Sniper Elite 4 launch.

 thanks for bringing it to the devs ! I am rooting it does somehow manage to make the launch ... if nothing , at least in following early patches then !

pinky promise ?

Posted 3 years ago

 as title says.  

Can we get a feature to be able to influence the speed of animation of xray kill with sliding the mouse wheel up for faster,  down for slower? 

I think it would really be fantastic! 

Who is with me?