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Posted 2 years ago

#3  This guy is my favorite, so he runs around with bunch of his mates, they go around killing people and tea bagging if someone gets on their way  and  ofcurse if you keep reking or giving them some of their own medicine, you get kicked. 2 of us vs 4 of em....losers lol: 

Posted 2 years ago

On his 3rd attempt: maybe you learn how to shoot instead you prick, i was awful here, yet he failed to kill me.

Posted 2 years ago

 Doesn't seem like Rebelion really cares about this 1-200 people who plays this game online! 

Remove this damn kick ability as a host, im tired of outplaying some idiots who can't take it and just abuse this damn button!

You might say well i can make one of my own! well i don't have time to sit and wait till it fills up. a player should not be able to kick others just because hes the host! you have voting mechanic. 

I'm being kicked EVERYDAY cause some loser keeps getting trashed and cant take it. i don't even care i will upload videos starting today everytime it happens just for fun of it.


I killed this idiot who kept coming for a knife and died, after 3-4 attempts:

Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago

 Let me be honest and blunt! your game is great but it has a very specific and limited amount of player base when it comes to online playing. it is NOT easy or even possible to find a match on all modes in any given time! that being said, you hop in a server with a immature human who can't accept getting wrecked as a host and they keep removing you from the session while you play with your friends or whatever and just ruin the experience.

A host who hasn't paid a dime to own the server as the game doesn't support dedicated servers should not have any RIGHTS over other players on the session. that's why you have the kick vote. why should the host have any admin rights? in a game like Battlefield i understand that but here ?! iirelevant and very abusive.

Getting sick of being removed cause some little crap can't take it and there is NOTHING i can do about it. it's not like i can just find another game! most time you have 1-2 full servers and that's it. 

Posted 2 years ago

 Does not seem like i can edit my post so i will also add a 5th one as a new post:

5-The Frame rate and game performance aftrer blowing up explosive crates. this leads to lock up and an eventual crash for the partnet. my friend PS4 PRO kept locking up when i was hitting explosive crates.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey QA! Or whoever this may concern

Here are bunch of stuff i have come across that s really ruining the experience at times and the sad thing is some of these have been around since sniper elite v2.

My experience has beeen only on COOP so i cannot confirm if its the case on single palyer or not.

1-Generators often lose their noise if you reload a save repeatedly. this is extremely annoying as you often want to mask your shot and if you fail you would reload your save just to see generator is no longer active.

This is very very common in coop! 

2-I cannot join my friend sometimes unless we both delete any auto saves from the PS4, friend being host and me the guest and i will be stuck in loading screen until saves are deleted then i can load in. frustrating.

3-The good old diamond bug (we play on authentic but we did use the diamond on sniper elite to get used to at first) and if you repeatedly hold breath and shoot you will find out that the diamond often gets corrupted and will not hit where it shows, it won't even go red on the guy's head. this was also an old bug that was addressed in previous titles. really annoying.

4-Bodies do disappear after reloading a save does this mean if they have any document on them it will disappear too>! there has been missions we searched everywhere and coudn't find certain documents.under impression that is why as we reload our saves a lot to get the stealth approach perfectly.