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Posted 2 months ago

 I think what is most important about a 5th version is the location in which it’s placed and time period. They’ve done great with tactics, authentic plus levels etc. 

Where and when should be the conversation.

1. Moscow 1950s

2. Korea 1950s

3. True to history locations of Hitler, Mussolini, top generals, etc. during the war

What do you all think

Posted 1 year ago

 Rebellion listens but they also don't. They're probably tiered of us complaining but I don't care, we pay and pay and pay some more. Faithful to all the versions only to buy it and have to unlock basic things as if we need help to stay motivated.  SGW3 isn't great but could teach Rebellion maybe a couple things.

Posted 1 year ago

 Shadyrecords I agree with you! 

It needs to take a lesson from the original SE1in many ways, but what's the point, we asked for certain things and some were delivered and some weren't. Out of the three (SE 2,3,4) the latest one got it spot on. Compare it to SE 1 (besides the graphics) I would prefer 1 when it comes to difficulty. Was there tagging at all on the first version? Don't remember only played it on PS 2. But why do we even need tagging?  All these helps are for the kids so they don't get bored. Bring back the 5 save limit on each level, the clock to the bottom of the screen with the second hand to time the patrols and....... the timed dynamite that could be set to go off anytime during the mission. Not this retarded 15 seconds. You set it in one part of the map, and move to a different part. It would work well with the open map and enemies there from the start.  I expect tagging in SGW3 not in WW2

Posted 2 years ago

 To be honest i think they should stop making this series of games based on how broken se4 is. 

 I'm not as much of a fan of the multiplayer in SE4 as I was with SE2 yet, still taking my time with the Campaign. I don't think there's too much to complain about in campaign mode. Glad to see that saves are possible in authentic mode and that the enemies actually try to hunt you down with a little more aggressiveness than in the other two, along with the large maps and the ability to chose how you complete a mission, I'd say that SE4 isn't broken but is close to what we were hoping for when we were waiting for v2 &3 to come out.  I vote for a 5th in the right timing and the right setting. Not anything modern. Ghost Warrior gives us that.

Posted 2 years ago

 Right on McTroll. However if the game moved away from WW2 then keep it under 1959 and put good old Karl in the Soviet Union. Would be very interesting.

Obviously the mission within the Kremlin would be a DLC 

Posted 2 years ago

 Slow down a bit. Still settling in with 4

Posted 2 years ago

 Absolutely agree with McTroll. If we are asking the "Powers" to add something to the game let's add things that help us be stealthy. Give us the old time bomb from SE1! Remember using that faithful SE players? Sneaking around the map. Setting it for 30 min. and going to work at another location and 30 min. later it goes off, takes out a couple Nazis extreme remote detonation. 

Don't need vehicles!

Posted 2 years ago

 Capture the flag was great in SE3. 

Don't really like having to switch sides in no cross.


Posted 2 years ago

 I am currently on level 4 of the campaign. I'm using custom mode. Authentic ballistics, authentic Ai aggression while making their toughness on cadet. ( Too many times after a successful, and well timed headshot, that the enemy is still running around like nothing happened.) I am taking my time through the missions and am glad to see a large map, most enemies  are all there in the map ready to go from the beginning. Love the options we have when deciding how to go about a mission. Have only a couple of complaints but they are mainly about multiplayer. I think this game's campaign mode comes as close as we hoped it would.

(Would love to see the timed dynamite be more than 10 sec. SE1 could be set to go off up to an hour. That would be perfect with the campaign mode on this game)

Posted 2 years ago

 Yes, no cross maps should be priority, along with the in-game map of the the map we have access to in campaign mode.


Posted 2 years ago

 Slow down boys.

We haven't played 4 yet. However a better scenario that moves away from WW2  would be deep into Russia during the peak of the Cold War. Lots of story lines and scenarios to chose from.

Let Sniper GW have fun with the future. 

Posted 2 years ago

 flint & steel of SE4?


Posted 2 years ago

 What will be the main objective within the campaign mode and how many missions will there be?

And did I see a time bomb in the video of the players inventory? Any details about that. Is it more like the SE1 time bomb or the flint & steel of SE4?

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey Coffee, you are joking and winding us up with your views on glitches lol.....right???

 Only for "the great bull". Ole'

Besides, we have till February!

Maybe a discussion about SE5 should enter the forum. I think we're getting desperate.

I'll put the red cape away from the bull for a while.

Posted 2 years ago

 it is true ... it is clearly you don't understand the multiplayer ethics and code of conduct really well ... 

 You would have made a model soldier for the British in the American Revolution.