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Posted 2 years ago

 Rebellion here is your attitude to your game, that's what all this led to, please look at your work !!! That's for your reason of indifference to the game, I'm banned on all these servers, just like that !!!!!!!!!!!

2. All servers = = = = = = = = …FDA … = = = = = = = = 
3. ** -- = = = The Playground = = = -- **
4. = = = = Laughing Devil’s Gaming Group = = = = || TDM
5. All servers Clan Iron Dragon – USA –
6. All servers ANZAC’S Alliance TGW 
7. = = = = HARDCORE DM [GSG, FDA, CC, TR* BANNED] = = = =
8. {[{{Team=Desert=Ghost=Italy}}]} [ONLY NC MODE! ALL MAP] 
9. Toltlenkopfz
10. =[GSG]=GermanSniperGang
11. -V- Sniper Elite 3 Server
12. TR*S{\V/}P+++PIMG HEAVEN+++ 12.12.2015 There is a video on youtube 
13. = Ruhm | Stolz | Ehre = - 19.12.2015 There is a video on youtube 
14. {= X = X = X = SNIPER- TEAM P.F.R = X = X = X =} 
15. Ghosts.PL Polish clan server – Only No Cross / All maps 
16. ||||||||||||||==BAND-OF-BROTHERS==||||||||||||| 09.12.2016
17. Myltiplay ;; Rattlesnakes ITA - RS Steo Melk 10.12.2016
18. Myltiplay:: [DSB]Deutsche Sniper Ballerbude 14.12.2016
19. HELL N BACK 02.01.2017
20. = = SACHEM [SHM] MM-DM = = 15.01.2017
21. = = SACHEM [SHM] CLD-CTF = = 15.01.2017
22. Sniper Ping Heaven 4 |DM| |TDM| -BME 16.05.2017
23. # [XLR8] #2# 21.05.2017
24. [RS] Rattlesnakes - ITA Server 26.06.2017
25. [DSB] TDM 24.08.2017

Here still look !! ----------------->>>>>>>>

Posted 2 years ago

 Rebellion you hear and see what people write to you ???? Hey Rebellion ??? Will you take any measures on this matter or do you still do not care about this and everything is indifferent ????

Posted 2 years ago

I fully agree with the man who raised this insurmountable problem. The developers of the game, do not want to solve this problem, they do not care what you ask for. They transferred the server to the power of players who regularly abuse this right, for no reason and without reason do kicks or bans to players who do not like them for one reason or another, or for their far-fetched reason. They make a ban if the mate defeats them in the game, they do not allow such players to defeat themselves. Here's an example of how the admins of the server behave (). For the ban on the server, they are not the first reason, that for example the player is not playing fair or behaving in an undesirable manner on the server. They delete because they so wanted, because they are KINGS and KINGS of their server and they do not give a damn what you think of them, because they pay money for the server. This is what is currently happening in this game. In connection with this situation and the approach of such players to the game, in this multiplayer game around the world only 50 people play, they killed the game, by their actions, they destroyed the game. Also, the game itself is destroyed by the developers of the game, by their inaction. Tell me why games like Dota, KS, Warface, Survarium are more popular than SE and they play millions of people around the world?

Because the developers of these games, support their games and the server in them do not belong to the players.

Posted 2 years ago

Martin they do not care that you write them do not care about all your wishes and requests. They do not react to them. I do not understand why this game site is needed, if the developers do nothing about what the players ask.

Posted 3 years ago

 Абсолютно. Я достиг совершенства в этой игре. Каждому из вас я готов это продемонстрировать и показать на официальной лиге или соревновании для этой игры. Пусть Rebellion организует чемпионат, я приду со своей командой, и я покажу вам все, что я могу сделать в этой игре! Вы удевлюсь, я говорю вам, это точно !!!

Posted 4 years ago

Multiplayer Sniper elite 3 is a good game! Undoubtedly firing and aiming to make the sniper elite 3 is much more difficult than in the elite Sniper 2 Sniper 2 to play elite easier, Sniper elite 3 to play harder. But I want to say to you all Sniper elite 3 has become difficult nesmogli you learn to shoot accurately, quickly take aim, shoot at an opponent in motion when it moves. So the game is not interesting for you. You want to learn and practice! You searches the easy way out, but you need to be able to adapt to the conditions of the game, that is.


Posted 4 years ago - edited 4 years ago by SovS_PIRANHA

Does it make sense to ask for something Rebellion? They do not pay attention to it. I am a player with the experience of the game from the first sniper, often with personal requests and personal messages addressed to Rebellion, but have never received from them any answer. I wrote them all on the Steam forums, on th tube, but they never did not answer me. But they are not showing any attention to me.

 I am a player conducting a large amount of his personal time in the game, I'm a player who has achieved perfection in this game, even undeserving of attention from the Rebellion.

These players, like me and my professional opinion on the game SE they are not interesting.

Their task is quite different, and no it does not care, those moments, to create favorable conditions for the game. How many of them about something, they asked the requests were not met! Since the game Elite sniper 2, players are asked to provide developers the game anti-cheat. At the request of the developers did not react. They do not care about the anti cheat. It is not necessary to them.

My requirements Rebellion

The first game should be provided anti-cheat! Only - this will make the game fairness and justice !!! That would deprive the possibility of a noob player, arrogant players groundlessly accusing other honest players cheating !!!

There should be public server (not selected) on which players general vote could make the decision to make a kick!

Only game developers could decide to make the ban! Based on the analysis and scanning through the anti cheat!

Public server divided into groups, the room as it was in the elite Sniper 1!

In these rooms the server is located as follows: 1. Noob players in one room 2. Stronger players in the other room!

Game developers Rebellion must be constantly and annually conducts championships and competitions in his game, as do game developers Counter Strike! Take an example from them, there really people are able to promote their game and to attract millions of people to their online game!

All of the above I am 100% satisfied and will not be taken note of is not. I admit that it is possible Rebellion will read my message and it will be just as Read and no more.

Rebellion listen to and respect the views of fans of your game !!! Worthy follow that what they are asking you !!!

If you personally do not play their game, create normal conditions for the game to other people !!!

Posted 4 years ago

Сетевая игра Sniper Elite 3 хорошая игра! Несомненно стрельбы и с целью сделать Sniper Elite 3 гораздо сложнее, чем в элитном Снайпер 2 Снайпер 2 играть проще элита, элита Снайпер 3 играть сложнее. Но я хочу сказать вам все Sniper Elite 3 стало трудно несмогли вы научитесь стрелять точно, быстро прицелиться, стрелять в противника в движение, когда он движется. Так что игра не интересна для вас. вы хотите, чтобы учиться и на практике! вы ищет легкий путь, но вы должны быть в состоянии адаптироваться к условиям игры , то есть.