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 ︻デ═一 ☠ Ju$tice ☠ ︻デ═一

Posted 3 years ago

 MairtinIRE ..... Yes I do play Zombie Army Trilogy I have them all! I have all of the SE series too. I will add you and maybe we can get into a game.


Posted 3 years ago

I wanted to introduce myself to all of the PC playing here and say hello. If you guys are here than I take it you are all looking foreword to the new Sniper Elite 4 that is coming 2016, like myself. I myself am really exited about the new Sniper Elite 4 and can't wait to get my hands on it. I am also looking foreword to meeting new friends in here and maybe getting into a game. I am 51 years old and love FPS and 3rd person games, and anything to do with WW2. I am from the USA and my Steam add on is justice383  ... Look me up if you want to game. Also have my own team speak 3 channel that I rent if you want to join it and chat while we game.