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Posted 2 years ago

 Spanish support for DLC content

Posted 2 years ago

 How is your connection? Hosts may be kicking you for lagging

Posted 2 years ago

 I hate when I have more than 10 hard earned kills, and system moved me to losing team at almost end of round

Posted 2 years ago

Elimination Feedback: 

•waiting players need to have something to distract, interact and help the teammate alive playing. Like mark areas for active player (not tag for him enemies, just mark areas) so active player can know where the teammates believe other player is, or where they want active player to go, and other command rose like messages for him, like move there, scan there, or activate the text chat for waiting player vs player alive. 

•the "Last Man Standing" announcements really need to be removed from top of screen, It block the view when you are in cover and watching over the shoulder. 

• if XX min happen on waiting screen, one of the waiting teammates can enter moving ghost player mode and help find camping enemy, or in full map screen view or drone like screen view or something.  

•if player stays in same area for more than XX minutes he will receive a notification to move to other area or will start to recibe a XP penalty or start to blink on enemy mini map. If even more X minutes happens in cover, enemy should be able to use easy scan binoculars 

•far ammo bags need to glow less, to not be confused with scope glints. 

•melee kill range should be reduced or activated only from behind, right now it's too easy to zigzag and knife enemies, knife kills should be a nice reward for a tactically get behind enemy, not just running, zigzagging and knifing (it's not fear against players with MGs) 

•dog tags system should be implemented when knife kill is achieved (and gained with effort) and record of dog tags taken can be seen under options menu (BFBC2 like), It will create challenge and reward, but that super easy knifing system should be replaced, not to count glitched and with a delaying lag