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Posted 1 year ago

 Just because one CAN do a thing,doesn't mean one SHOULD do a thing . If you want to exploit glitches then start your own game and put it in the  game name .Glitching in a regular game isn't fair to those that don't know about it,or care to be playing with people that are .It's hard enough for noobs to learn the ropes just with all the Top Guns out  there playing as the game was meant to be played .

Posted 1 year ago

 We all miss things ...No matter how perfect we claim to be .This is what  these forums are for,to learn new things ,and to help people .

Posted 1 year ago

 Not trying to be a jerk,but I have 100% on this game (platinum trophy on PS4) It may be different on XBone,but probably not .You HAVE to do the co-op missions and get all the eagles and other collectibles to get your achievements,it may be worded incorrectly ,but  it's not a glitch.You may not agree with  this ,but unfortunately ,that's the way it is .

 I seriously doubt Rebellion will comment on this ,but you never know ,it could happen .

 Just be glad you don't have to buy all their DLC to get the achievements ,as there are eagles and collectibles in all of them as well .

 Hook up with a friend ,play the co-ops ,get your achievements ,and have a great time doing it . ( Really fun missions imho )


Posted 1 year ago

 Right stick up or down .

Posted 1 year ago

 Have you played the co-op  overwatch missions and collected all items in those games ? There are eagles,collectibles,and sniper reports in them as well. If you have ,then I don't know what to tell you,other than I know it's possible since I have 100% . Good luck ,and here's hoping you get it worked out .

Posted 1 year ago

 They don't seem to care about cheaters...Just look at the leader boards and see all the ridiculous "high" scores and "long" shots. I would suggest in the future that you host the game and kick any and all cheaters you see.       And bravo to you for attempting to report them.

Posted 2 years ago

 You have to play the two  co-op missions and get six more stone eagles to get the achievement/trophy.