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Posted 3 years ago

  For multiplayer increased handgun damage 3 was annoying for that the P38(personal favorite) to the chest it took me a mag plus 3 I liked it more how in V2 a 45. Dropped someone in 2-3 and a 9 3-4 in close quarters while in 3 apparently a 22(HDM) had more stopping then a 45. Also I'd like the option not to carry a SMG and for the love of god no Panzerschreks or Panzerfaust as secondary weapons please then I'd like to see no map and be able to create and host lobbies again like V2 and last thing I honestly prefer no ammo boxes I liked having to scavenge for a new weapon in V2 then co-op Bombing Run nuff said but seriously I loved that mode other then that co-ops has always been great but better body hiding would be nice but that's all I have for now but other then that Sniper Elite has and always will be one of my favorite series 

Posted 3 years ago

 I said it before in V2 and 3 I would like to see a Browning Hi Power 7-8 rounds are good and all but 13s better in a pinch and its a classic also a Beretta 1934 after all it is in Italy