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Posted 2 years ago

 10 month bump.

Posted 3 years ago

Just asking to satisfy my curiosity, i know that even spec requirements haven't been published yet, but i guess API choice has been made long time ago.

Can someone from Rebellion possibly disclose which API is used for PC version or whether are there any plans to adapt more than one API further down the line?

Seeing 2016 as a year where DX11, DX12 and Vulcan all clash together i wonder which APIs are most appealing for developers, either as first pick or one to support post-launch.

Knowing that SE3 was based on DX11 and adapted Mantle post-launch, i'm curious what we'll see this time? DX11 with DX12 update? Just DX11/DX12? DX12 with Vulcan?


Posted 3 years ago

 Personally i'd appreciate the possibility to toggle classic (SEV2) cover system instead of "context sensitive" one from SE3. On PC it makes very little sense as we have more than enough keys and the contextual cover didn't always work well.

SE3 weapon customization was interesting but i wish it offered a little bit more.

Personally i'd like to request 2 SP "mutators" or difficulty modes.

Training/Duck hunt difficulty - where you can play campaign with infinite health/ammo (good for the filthiest of casuals)

Hardcore difficulty - No HUD, full ballistics, oversensitive AI, etc. Basically masochism mode.