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Posted 1 year ago

 SE4 Kills mp sniper pure #2

Posted 1 year ago

SE4 Kills Mp sniper pure

Posted 2 years ago

 Nothing Rebellion? No difficulty without help in multiplayer?

Create the Authentic Plus difficulty in multiplayer without any help.

Ex:. Wind, gravity, no marking, no luster of the telescope, no trace of the bullet ... all disabled.

We want this

Posted 2 years ago


We will not have a difficulty that we can customize item by item?

ex:. All this in one match

-Without shine on the telescope


-Without aim 


- Bullet drop 

We do not have modes for real hardcore players, always have a help ... WE WANT MODES OF DIFFICULTIES WITHOUT HELP SOME.


Posted 2 years ago

 How do you release the character American Military Police?

Posted 2 years ago

 I also do not agree to not have a customization on difficulty

Posted 2 years ago

 Play on the authentic, clean map

Posted 2 years ago

 I agree ... after this update, the number of players playing this difficulty has decreased.

And another, when can we CUSTOMIZE the difficulty of the game? Item by item

Posted 2 years ago

 I agree, it should have at least 8 maps

Posted 3 years ago

 Group on facebook franchise SNIPER ELITE


Posted 3 years ago

 Rebellion you guys will be at gamescom ?

Posted 3 years ago

 there will be collector's edition ?

Posted 3 years ago

 I hope this year SUPPORT be more active . SE4 will be so great will be able to not commit such error support .

Posted 3 years ago

 exact. I share the same opinion.

I guess wrong you stay in second with a score 10/0 and knowing that the first had the 9/5 score had put greater distance in the shot.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by hitman_vr87

 I think the authentic difficulty have to 1 save  OR 1 checkpoint. The save would be free to choose the player time to save.