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Posted 2 years ago

 Running the PS4 Pro on a 65" Samsung curved J9500 4K HDR panel and the game freakin' rocks. Loved the series since the first one on XBox and I'm a campaign guy. Awesome level design... feels more open, more expansive of the environments and mechanics are well done. Dying for the DLC to be released in Canada. Great work guys, congrats!

Posted 2 years ago

 Dunno if it was a cheat or not but in multiplayer, i was getting shot behind two wooden walls. Are there special armour piercing rounds available that would do that???

Posted 2 years ago

 Here in Canada, the game has only been out for 5 days and none of the DLC is available yet. Been on this series since Sniper Elite on the original XBox and the third game had the extra levels pop out one by one over months. This may well be the same thing.

Posted 3 years ago

Been a huge fan since the original XBox release and always played the Campaigns. Multi' is fun with a whack of friends but the campaigns are where it's at to me. The point of being a sniper is stealth. Lining things up, patience, assessing the situation and hiding the shot wherever possible. Running and gunning is counter-productive and in no way realistic unless you're escaping a territory while under fire.

I still replay all 3 Sniper Elites and the last one was the best but I'm hoping the 4'th installment doesn't whittle down the campaign to place more emphasis on MP. It's fun but gimme campaigns all the way.