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Posted 2 years ago

Does anyone explain the zoom level incongruity of some rifles that were in the SEII and the SEIII and that zoom in or zoom in on the SEIV? The clearest example is undoubtedly the Mauser Kar, which used to be the rifle with the highest zoom of all and is now one of those who have less, as it was before of those who suffer the most and now is the opposite .

Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago

 I've seen that there are several difficulties to choose from in multiplayer, but the problem is that I like a little of each. Is there a custom difficulty?

Posted 2 years ago




Posted 2 years ago

 I just found out that Sniper Elite 4 will have support for Ps4 Pro, which implies an improvement in drawing distance, more fluid framerate, greater detail, improvements in light, shadows, reflections and lower loading times. With this I came up with a question: Will users of Ps4 Pro have an advantage over users of Ps4 standart in multiplayer?

Posted 2 years ago

 I watched the videos yesterday and I had some questions:

1- Can the markers in the upper right corner of the screen be removed from the screen during multiplayer matches? I find it annoying, I would prefer to see it when I want and not always.

2- The weapons that appear marked as DLC, can only get with real money? I wish I could unblock them in another way.

3-Will you be able to choose which skin to play in the multiplayer or will it be random as in Sniper Elite V2? If it is the first, will there be restrictions depending on which equipment it is? Or can there be equal skins playing on different equipment? The latter is what really matters. I hate having someone who looks just like me.

4-Will it be possible in consoles to configure the multiplayer games so that there is gravity but not wind nor flashes of the rifle sight?

Posted 2 years ago

 When did they show the game multiplayer? It's what will make me decide whether to buy it or not, and they are delaying too much for a game that will come out next month. Or is it that the date will be postponed again?

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by EagleWatch

Ps3 player Wuzznt-me shooting through the wall of the library on the map Opernplatz. Should we live with so players cheats?

He does whenever we play on that map, is not something casual

Posted 3 years ago

 Rebellion has decided on the rifle with the highest zoom? I am excited that the sprinfield have 12X.

Posted 3 years ago

 I do not care if there are more players on PC, if the mouse is more precise, if the fps are better and the graphics too. It is logical to be a more powerful system. But it can not be that the game itself, for example the number of multiplayer maps, so different. To me that is due to a simple lack of interest in doing so by developers or whoever is in charge.

Posted 3 years ago

 I will not talk about crossover game because it's impossible. I would like to speak here about the differences between such SEV2 on PC and PS3. I will focus on multiplayer.
The first obvious difference is that there are more online game modes (Capture the flag and i do not know if any more) in Pc but for me the most important and the most serious is that in PC  there are about 20 multiplayer maps and PS3 only have 6. to this should be? Is it laziness by Rebellion or those extra maps are not "official"? Will it be the same in SE4?

Posted 3 years ago

They can choose between the original voices or necessarily will come bent according to region?

I would like to choose.

Posted 3 years ago


can choose between

the original voices



will come


according to



I would like

to choose.

Posted 3 years ago

 I remember that I was the same in SE3 and stealth was going to hell. I think that a shot can not leave you indifferent, but I think this movement is exaggerated.
What I like is that Welrod more powerful, I have seen in a video as he hits three times in the body of the enemy (in the neck) and keep shooting. That's impossible!

A questions, I do not have time to see the new video. Is the zoom shown is equal to that of the above?

Posted 3 years ago

 I hope to be able to see the video later