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Posted 1 year ago

 I don't much care where it is, as long as the levels are fun to play - and by that I mean a good balance of size, long sightlines and enemy composition.

What I do care about are things I have been complaining about since Sniper Elite 3 released, namely (in no particular order):

  • A better way to see where your bullet struck in really long range shots;
  • A wind indicator bar that is useful and visible even on dark/black backgrounds;
  • Crosshairs that are actually useful for gauging both horizontal and vertical bullet deviation due to wind - and are visible on dark/black backgrounds - I'm sorry, but I really cannot understand why this has never been addressed, just make a thin white line around wind indicator and crosshairs so people can see it in night levels. How difficult could that be? And what would be the harm?
  • More options to customize the HUD and what is shown on the map, including every single HUD element on/off; tagging/timed tagging/non-wall-hack tagging; objective locations/rough objective locations
  • An Authentic difficulty that actually feels authentic in regards to enemy health - not really authentic taking a Rifle round to the chest three times, getting back up, then getting insta-killed by a killcam shot to the forearm.
  • And in general, it would be really, really nice, if the darn AI would not yell "Sniper!" if a truck explodes 100m away from them by stealthy means.

What I also care about are issues I had with SE4:

  • I want a return to the upgrade system of SE3, not the non-reversible upgrades of SE4. Putting the upgrade parts as collectibles was much better - and hey, you could offer those as mini-transactions for the lazy, but only for Single Player - but more importantly, you had choice. Of course, an upgraded version of the SE3 system would be even better.
  • More extreme range sniper rifles: SE4's Mosin was the best weapon for long-range sniping, highest zoom, highest muzzle velocity, good damage. In all the DLC packs, there was not a single weapon that compared. Not one. There were many different mid-range rifles, semi and bolt action, even a few "short range" rifles, but for the really long shots, there was only one. That sucked.
  • I really liked the timed explosives of SE3 (flint + TNT), I wish that would come back.

Posted 1 year ago

 I know it probably wasn't intended to be like that, but it's the way it was since release, the way I played since the beginning, and having it changed in such a drastic manner after 5 months of playing like that since release is just annoying as hell. I would prefer an option to switch perma-tagging on and off and have the objectives show on the map and the binoculars, but I would just settle for "Authentic" Custom HUD be the way it was for the last 5 months...

Posted 1 year ago

To describe what it used to be like when setting the Custom HUD to Authentic before patch 1.13:

Enemy awareness indicators (those yellow bars that turn red and show you the direction of the enemy) - NO

Weapon/Ammo/Health/Heartrate indicators - NO

Persistent Tagging - YES

Objectives seen through Binoculars - YES

Objectives seen on the Map - YES

Posted 1 year ago

 I know this is probably pretty futile, but that latest 1.13 patch took away the way I used to play the game (and loved to play it like that).

Ever since the release, when setting the Custom Difficulty HUD to Authentic, you had a nice and clear HUD but you could still perma-tag enemies and see your objectives on the map and when using the binoculars.

Yes, that really is - or rather was - the case.

I understand that this probably wasn't intended and that it wasn't / isn't like this when playing on the regular Authentic difficulty, but isn't that what the Custom Difficulty was for?

Yes, if Authentic always was that way and the 1.12 patch changed that, then it was right to change it back, but that change, the 1.13 patch, also affected the Custom Authentic HUD settings the way they have been ever since the release.

And I really don't like changes that affect something I've gotten used to for such a long period of time.

So either please change the Custom Authentic HUD back to way it used to be - or, and of course that would be preferable, add more defined Custom HUD settings like, for example:

show Ammo/Weapon/Health/Heartrate;

show Enemy Awareness indicators;

show mini-map;

allow permanent tagging independent of difficulty (enemies stay visibly tagged even through walls);.

show mission objectives on the Map;

show mission objectives through the binoculars;

The way it used to be, the way Custom Authentic HUD ALWAYS was, can be clearly seen in this video several times, starting with the very beginning:

Like I said, I am probably a minority of on here, but I also don't believe (on principle) that you should make such a drastic change (and it is drastic, just not having the mission objectives visible is a HUGE difference) after 5 months of people (me) getting used to the way it is.


Posted 1 year ago

 And here you can see the difference when switching between Authentic and A-Plus: (this should start at 6:02)

This is how it was. I want it back like that, please.

Posted 1 year ago

 Also someone seems to have edited my post with the video - which had two videos in it, and the "check the beginning" thing applied to the one that is no longer there.

So here it is again:

This video, at the very beginning and at times throughout, shows how it used to be with the HUD set to Authentic - you could tag but had a clear HUD.

Posted 1 year ago

 Don't you have 1.13? You can't see them through walls now.

 Well, I WANT to seem them through walls. I want it to be the way it was since release:

Setting the Custom Difficulty HUD to Authentic gave you a clear HUD but let you tag. It was like this since release. Now it's changed. And that sucks.

I don't care if it never was intended like that, but if you have something for 5 months you shouldn't change it all of a sudden, especially if it only pertained to a very specific setting.

Posted 1 year ago

 Well, there's realism and then there's games. I understand if they want to stick to a certain realism, but if you offer paid (PAID) DLC, then that DLC should offer alternatives and a variety that caters to ALL playstyles of your game. If it doesn't, if it doesn't offer alternatives, then why is it there and why should anyone pay for it?

The DLC does offer a lot of variety in pretty much every gameplay aspect of SE4 - except for long/extreme range sniping.

And as such, as additional content that is supposed to enrich the game experience by offering viable and interesting alternatives for every playstyle, it failed in that regard.

I'm no expert on rifles or WWII or weapons, but I am pretty sure they could've tweaked some of the stats of these "authentic" rifles, like say, the Winchester with a higher MV and add the 16x zoom, but sacrifice in other areas.

Or what about an upgrade that adds to MV but lowers your magazine capacity, like hand-loaded bullets or a special barrel that increases MV but decreases stability.

Or hell, there must've been experimental weapons in that time, and Karl got his hands on a prototype: a two-bullets-in-the-mag extreme range sniper rifle with high MV, Zoom and Damage, but ridiculous recoil, low stability, very slow fire-rate and endless reload. One of the "You better not miss" variety.

In the end, this is a game. You can go for authenticity, but should not sacrifice the gameplay experience. And if you offer paid DLC, then that DLC should cater to all playstyles of your game.

Posted 1 year ago

 And of course the DLC weapons that come close in terms of Muzzle Velocity before an upgrade CANNOT be upgraded in Muzzle Velocity.

It's really shame.

Posted 1 year ago

 As much as I love this game - yes, this is evident by the fact that I complain about stuff (because I care and want it to be even better), and the fact that I bought the season pass (something I rarely do), I must say I was very underwhelmed and disappointed by the paid DLC rifle offerings for long/"extreme" range sniping, especially on moving targets.

Because there was not a single rifle in the DLC that was better for long ranges than the Mosin Nagant, the second rifle you get in the game. Fully upgraded, the Mosin has the highest Muzzle Velocity and, together with some others, the highest zoom.

Some rifles, like the Winchester or the new SVT come close in MV, but lack zoom (and/or damage). Some, like the K98, have a bit more recoil control, but again less zoom. Not one was better in the long-range important stuff, though, which is mostly MV and Zoom.

There have been several rifles in the DLC geared towards mid-range combat, short-range combat, lots of Semi-Automatics, but not a one was better suited to long and (what the game calls) extreme range shots.

I was hoping for something with less stability, more recoil control, smaller magazine, longer reload times, equal zoom but MORE Muzzle Velocity, maybe, upgraded, even a full bar.

As someone who tries to take the longest shot he possibly can every single time, I unlocked the Mosin and never really switched again, upgraded it, and then definitely stuck to it.

So while I am happy with the DLC levels, I am most definitely not happy with the rifle offerings in the weapons DLC. I mean, there isn't even a rifle that is EQUAL to the Mosin in those regards, let alone better.

Yes, this probably only affects people playing with the aim-assist, and as I've said many times, I always feel like these people have become an afterthought for the devs trying to make the game more accessible. But nailing the really, really long shots without any help is the best part of this game for me, and the paid DLC should've offered SOMETHING of interest for the extreme-range crowd.

But it didn`t.

Posted 1 year ago

 I am actually kinda unhappy with the changes now, as there was apparently a "glitch" before the latest patch that allowed you to use See-through-Walls tagging with the Authentic HUD in Custom Difficulty. I have been playing like that since the very beginning when the game came out. I like the clean HUD, but I also like tagging.

So... if you could go back to the way it was before the last patch - with Custom Authentic HUD allowing tagging but not showing anything else on screen (Awareness Indicator that starts yellow, then turns red; ammo and health etc.) that would be preferable.

Or just make tagging on/off and option like the aim assist.

I have to admit, this is really, really annoying me. I don't care if it wasn`t intended to be like that, but it was the most appealing option I had to play the game and it's pretty frustrating to have things now changed around. I want an empty screen but be able to tag. I used to have this ever since launch. Now I don't. Annoying.

Oh, and if you don't believe me, you can check this video at the very beginning:

You can clearly see the empty HUD with permanent tagging. I want that back, dammit. I don't want to see awareness indicators or my ammo and health.


Posted 1 year ago

 Also, the T-Post tactical has no mildots on the horizontal bar at all - which, in my opinion, is again defeating the purpose, as with zeroing the vertical deviation is much easier to take care of, but wind deviation can get quite substantial on longer ranges (300m +).

Perfect for me would be the Duplex Special with the amount of mildots of the T-Post Tactical on both horizontal and vertical bar, but with the mildot size of the Duplex Special so as not to obscure your view too much on low zoom.

I know you are now finished with your last DLC and have new projects to work on, but maybe there is a chance for a last big patch including a long-range, high-zoom friendly crosshairs with many little mildots around the center on both the horizontal and vertical bars (and the white outline of the black wind indicator bar).


Posted 1 year ago

 True, but none going upwards. I know, I'm complaining about little things, but I just wish all of them had a lot very fine mildots you don't even see until you zoom in. :)

Posted 1 year ago

 Tested this and it works. If selecting player toughness: Sniper Elite, my 16x zoom is still available.

I would prefer to have more options, though, instead of lumping stuff together, but I now at least know why it's happening.

Thank You

Posted 1 year ago

 Here's a short video showing how the current crosshairs become kinda "useless" as aiming aids for long distance / windy shots on higher zoom levels, as the crosshairs stretch out (which is great) but due to the low number of mildots/lines, they retreat all the way to the sides on higher zoom levels.

And that more or less defeats the purpose, in my opinion.

So if you could, please add some more, smaller mildots/lines to the crosshairs to make them viable for use with high-zoom rifles. (And while you're at it, please add a white outline to the wind indicator bar to make it visible and readable against dark backgrounds).