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Posted 2 years ago

 But i should say, it's only "Allied" skins. I'm looking forward to playing the German skins, but in fact i hope we see more allied and axis skins in the future, but they're on the right track. 

Posted 2 years ago

 WOW, i didn't get the Update yet, but THANKS.  That was a real popular idea having the MP  skins playable on the Campaign. I mean i came here crying that it wasn't implemented, but it seems you shut me up and pleasantly so. Can't wait for the update, and thanks again.

Posted 2 years ago

To find balance is there anything you do like about this game? Is it really all that bad for you?

I'm just curious as I actually found that most of your points were elements of the game that I found well considered and constructed and in my opinion for example added to the 'realistic' nature of AI's within the single player mode.

In a word, no. If i'm not finding  any relative improvements, or find the game even degraded from the last, for me it's not going to worth the same value. 

And i thought they had a "realistic mode", for what may persuade you.  Though idk how shooting up a  whole battalion of  troops on your own would be considered realistic. That's  COD.

I mean, i guess we can see how popular these forums are, to get an idea of how this  game went over for many people.  

So, my point stands. 

However, i came back here today, because i got an update a few days ago on the game, and i guess i'll try it out in now, in that it  seems they added a "silencer mode" (or maybe it was there, but didn't matter), in so you can have the silencer on full, or  partial silencer, which may in fact cure one of the issues, in that if you silence a lone sentry, the whole map won't hear it from miles away. 

That may help that matter (or i hope it does), but ridding lack of weapon customizations, or in this day and age, no character customization, and the maps much smaller, and even graphics taking a hit, is not worth the value i paid for the prior games that i feel were much better games. 

I guess the only positive, is the Italian Front  was a nice  change of pace.


Posted 2 years ago

 If you shot a enemy in the head and he is wearing a helmet, then the nearby enemies will hear the helmet is hitted with the bullet and they will also hear the helmet falling to the ground, when you have enemies close together is best to do a heart shot etc.

I have never experienced a whole army hearing my suppressed or sound masked shot and i have played Sniper Elite 4 a lot.

And if a soldier sees another soldier is been killed he will warn the others, same if a soldier finds a dead body.

 Well as i said, they're not nearby. You shoot him in the head, and whole map goes yellow. That's my  experience, if it  wasn't yours, maybe my game  is  broken, and they should  give me a refund lol (though i did hear Xbox may be starting that, which would be a  great idea, being i wouldn't be here).  

But i think it is in fact the case, in that either it was bad game design, or purposely done, being they wanted a more shoot em up run and gun game to satisfy more  arcade shooter based enthusiasts. 

But it certainly doesn't make sense, a whole dockyard goes yellow, because some loner gets popped with a silencer in the head seemingly on the other side of the  map. 

Anyhow, my  problem as my post explained  go much further than that, in that the game is just not up to par than even the last. 

And being the game is already on sale, not long after launch, i feel i'm on some firm ground here. The game is just not doing well. Next time, they just have to take the feedback, and make sure it just doesn't happen again is all. 

Posted 2 years ago

Well, how does a whole army hear a silenced shot from what seems a mile away? That's not being nitpicky, that's just poor game design.

I think they were under pressure to make  the  AI 'smarter", and in essence broke the thing in the process. But that was just one of my points. The game just seemed to have regressed if anything, not gotten better.

Posted 2 years ago

 Personally, i just don't think the game is very good. Certainly not up to the  standard of the last two, and certainly three if you include the first game on PS2. They just seemed to make it an arcade shoot em up like game. 

You can be an area, and silence shoot an enemy in the head from short distance with a welrod, and it seems the whole maps hears it and come after you, to be a huge " me against a whole army" maelstrom, as compared to past games. 

There's absolutely no character customization (unheard of in this  day and age), and on MP, just a relative  few skins, and even having have to buy a ghillie suit per dlc.  On SE 3, they gave you a myriad of different uniforms. 

The graphics as well took a bit of a hit,, and when he's in bushes, you see all the pixelation making it look terrible. 

The MP i'm seeing jaggies and all, and the maps  waaay too small as compared to SE 3 (the whole game is smaller the  SE3). And the movement of the character  is way too sensitive, and the character way too small for the screen.

Look, all in all, i tried to get my money back for this game, but didn't happen, and supposedly i got an update on Xbox, of like  6gb, and they did not even mention here what it even entails (unless i missed something). 

The game just missed the mark in so many ways, and i would gather folks are just not playing it, and i can't blame them, and so maybe that's why they gave up.

Posted 2 years ago

Yeah i wasn't gonna buy it, but regrettably did anyway, and i think you're being rather polite. I'm getting my money back from Xbox and buying For Honor. SE 3 is ten times better than this. Only in my view, but there it is. 

Sorry guys, but you have to step it up over there. Your past games were unbelievable, but you struck out on this one. and there's just too many good games coming out to spend money on this. 

Posted 2 years ago

 No, there isn't.  In the campaign you're stuck with whatever your character is wearing. Other modes you get a choice of character like before.

Struggling to see myself where this “more customisation than ever” statement comes from because you can't even customise weapons now. You upgrade them by completing tasks. For example, getting 20 kills over 100m with the Springfield will upgrade its zoom. 

We can't even change rifle scopes now. Whatever the gun comes with when you look through it is what you're stuck with. This is annoying because the wind meter stays the same on every scope so it basically makes all the range markers on your crosshair useless because a bullet ends up hitting a different spot on different scopes with exactly the same wind strength.


Yeah, i hate to say it, but this game is gonna flop. Two days before release, and the last post on General Discussions were months ago. The big gaming sites, and the comments thereof, are the worst i've seen.

In this day and age, in a Third Person game, you NEED Character Customization, and i can't see myself for hours on end, dealing with same character look as last game. 

I'm not saying the game has to be The Division at all, but different uniforms, or a helmet or cap, or the enemies uniform behind the lines is a no brainer, that you even got on PS2 for crying out loud. 

The Developer simply did not listen to the community, and in instances like that, they're going to likely pay the price. 

I was really psyched for this game, but now i gotta pass for Ghost Recon Wildlands, who GOT the message since their last game as far as this issue. Maybe they can do an update later on, and at that point i'll buy it, but i'm doubtful.

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by Anzio-1st-Armored

 Modern war is way too stale and played out. The have Ghost Warrior coming out , and so you can check that one out. SE has to stay in WW2, particularly at a time where historical shooters are lacking, and those crying out for more.

Posted 2 years ago

That's the only question i really have right now. I'm not into MP, and invested hours on SE 3 on the campaign, looking for all the achievements and the like. 

I can't see myself buying this game if i have to look at the same character this time around for hours on end. Just give me the options of a cap or helmet or something. I mean snipers do wear helmets or caps. 

If not, i'll probably pass this time around. 

Posted 3 years ago


I'm very excited about this game, in particular due to my Grandfathers Service in the 1st Armored, and later detached to the OSS after Anzio, being he spoke Italian, and worked with Partisans. 

It's also at the right time, in that it seems WW2 (and maybe even WW1) maybe making a comeback on Consoles.

Sniper Elite games were always a blast. I'm hoping they do more with Character Customization, in the least, to change your Outfits, like you're able too in the MP. 

I like dressing up in the German Outfit, particularly behind enemy lines. And for the first time, even get a helmet to wear.

Aside from that, maybe they can fit in a "Navarone" setting (from Guns of Navarone lore), which was not the Italian Campaign, but not far in an Island off the Aegan Sea. 

A monstrous gun emplacement in the mountains, posing deadly risk to Allied ships. I think in the way SE does it, it can be Epic, being Karl has become much more than just a Sniper, but a Ranger of sorts, as much as an Agent gathering Intel. Anyway, good luck fellas. Can't wait.