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Posted 4 years ago

2. There should be a way to start at a checkpoint when co-opping the campaign. At least a way to choose which part of the chapters to start at. When playing with a friend, and we get 80% the way through the first chapter and stop it at a safe house, we then have to start from the beginning. Why can't we do that like we can in the single player campaign? Or am i just not seeing it?
+1 for this. It is also brought up in this thread:

Posted 4 years ago

Isn't the checkpoint used for if you die you'll respawn at that checkpoint?
Yes, and you do if you all die. What I'm referring to is that let's say you make it all the way to the final boss/checkpoint. It's late and you and your team need to quit for the day. It would be great to be able to hop back on the next day, get your team assembled in the lobby, and be able to start at the checkpoint you left off at yesterday. Today you can't do that. You must start the chapter from the beginning.

Posted 4 years ago

Rebellion - Please look into allowing hosts to start at checkpoints. I purchased this game to play co-op with friends, but it's frustrating not being able to resume a game where we left off. We must start at the beginning of the chapter, regardless of how far we made it last time. Thanks!