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Posted 4 years ago

It was the third mission, but we played again tonight and the bug did not occur this time and we could move on.

Posted 4 years ago

I'm not sure if this is where I should report a bug but I didn't find any better place; I was playing the trilogy game yesterday with a friend of mine and we started off with the first mission from the third chapter or whatever you wanna call it, the new missions.
I'm not sure if it was the second or third mission the error occured, I know we finished atleast 1 mission just not sure if we finished another, so it was either second or third mission, what happened was that we got this siege event at this big villa on top of a hill and there were zombies coming including one with a chainsaw, shortly after we managed to kill the mini-boss with the chainsaw things started to clam down a bit, and eventually they were all dead, however the objective never changed and we couldn't move on.
We restarted from checkpoint and tried again and the exact same thing happened, we killed everything and just jumped around in the house waiting for something to happen, we also looked around very thoroughly trying to find any signs of zombies still moving, and we shot at every corpse we could find.
This happened in the villa right after the mine you collapse by shooting the flying skulls.
So if this is something just we are experiencing, is there anything we can do to fix it? Or is this perhaps something everyone has an issue with?