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Posted 6 years ago

- The pointing system needs to be fixed, the more I play ZAT the more it feels like the entire arsenal is nerfed for the sake of the pointing system. the submachine guns an headshot was an headshot. now in ZAT MP44 I kid you not I had to shoot 4x single fire with care to kill a single zombie unit with an headshot.
- Besides fighting zombie snipers I am not using the scope at all, only Ctrl aim. because well. Long distance short distance it doesnt matter for points, even on elite difficulty I have no problem with close ranged bolt rifle action and if it looks like they are gona overwhelm me for a second a nade and tadaa 15 kills. best way to increase your score.
*sigh*. In zombie ZA1/2 I would often play missions where I used the mp44 and tried to get headshots up to 50 meters or just 20 meter headshots with a pistol, even if the pointing system wasn't rewarding that so much, but now it feels like one of the MMORPG games where you have to fetch 50 items to finish a quest. because lets face it, the multiplier pointing system of whichever genius came up with it broke the entire gameplay shooting mechanics of the game which I think the majority of the players in peace with.
So for the love of the game. Get rid of the current pointing system and fix the weapons. What I would like to see and hopefully the other players too is points based on range and bonus if you manage to get another headshot in a short timeframe.

Posted 6 years ago

- Sniping seems distinctly easier / less influenced by gravity, heart rate and stance. (*I'm finding 100m+ kill-shots only need direct aiming to achieve successful hits. A 154m kill of a sniper zombie was aimed directly where the bullet struck the target)
Sniping feels a bit easier, but that it is less influenced by gravity and wind is not the reason. Because I still have to adjust aim according to distance and wind.