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Posted 3 months ago

 Sorry for the double posts there first one didn't get deleted and I couldn't upload my original photos. Please refer to my newer post with the visible images. 



Posted 3 months ago - edited 3 months ago by Panzergrenadier1945

RIFLES - Iron-sights

Would developers be able to please add non-scoped rifles to the game. I think it would be cool and challenging to add this to this game and eventually Sniper Elite 5. Ironsights can still be adjusted for elevation and the shooter will have to adjust for wind based on impact.  Scoped rifles were rare in world war II most firearms were only iron sighted. Some snipers used iron sights in wwii most famously Simo Häyhä (WW2 Finnish Sniper and top sniper of WW2)


Scopes WWII

Both German and Russian scopes used on (Kar98k, Mosin 91/30, G43, SVT 40) were removeable. The sniper would zero the rifle and scope. The scopes had quick detach mounts and were placed into metal pouches to protect the optic when not in use. Some rifle scopes had holes in the mounts so you could still use iron sights. Others used side mounted scopes which were mounted higher so the shooter could use his iron sights.


Not really a big one but would be cool to see in this game and Sniper Elite 5 takedowns with bayonet on rifles. Helps keep the hordes at bay in Killing floor 2.


 Character Skins:

Could we please have some German and Italian soldiers characters be available as playable characters in game.  Maybe for italian ( Alpini, bersaglieri, x decima flottiglia mas) and for germans (some Gebirgsjager = mountain troops, panzer grenadiers and even just a basic German Grenadier with a smock and camo helmet; See photos below





Posted 2 years ago

 Hey buddy, I am grateful for what they have made. I am just throwing out suggestions, no body has to read them or care about them. If you have something constructive to add throw it out there. I thought the purpose of this forum is to contribute suggestions unless some people think that is a crime now?.........

Posted 2 years ago

 I agree. What happened to all the web gear and equipment we use to see on wehrmacht infantry you know the bread bag, entrenching tool, and canteens. Some smocks and m43 hats. It would be cool if they added a Karl skin that has him disguised as a german sniper or infantryman like sniper elite 1. Some full kit allied soldiers would be great.

It would be cool if they could add no scoped rifles and specifically m28/30 used by simo hayha. sniping in first person with iron sights using all the rifles in the game would be interesting and add a new level to sniping. A return of explosive rounds as a option. Please add adjustable iron sights like ro2 has and arma 3

Some more rifles like berthier rifle, lebel, 1917, m38, m44, smle, 1903a1 1903a3 with iron sights.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Panzergrenadier1945

the plain K98 and Carcano, #1/#2

I used the Mosin, G43, SVT-40  used a little but not my primaries

SMGs: trench-gun#1, Berretta #2

used but not common MP-40, Stg


P38, 1911, Silenced HMD,

Posted 3 years ago

 I agree man, observation should be the primary focus. Perhaps in authentic mode they could make this an option.  I would prefer the challenge to have to find them through observation.

Posted 3 years ago

 Would you guys possibly consider putting basic un-scoped infantry rifles into the game as an option to the player instead of SMGs, or shotguns?  it would add a cool dimension to the game to take a long shot with iron sights and hit your mark. Bayonets with these rifles would be cool too. Adjustable iron sights could be made to deal with various ranges .


Posted 4 years ago

 Yep I agree with the need for an authentic mode for mutliplayer . That's what I liked about sv2 multiplayer you could actually take a shot without revealing your position to all around you. Sniping in the real world is based on careful observation using your senses and mind and environment to your advantage. 

However for single player I would appreciate the ability to save my progress. There does not need to be an auto save but a manual save would be appreciated if possible . I hated going so far only having to restart do to one slip up.

Posted 4 years ago


For those who which to learn more regarding the period known as the “Italian Civil War 1943-1945” feel free to check out these videos and books. This is overlooked period of time in history. The Italian archives are also extremely overlooked and practically never referenced or citied which leaves much left to discover.



The Links provided goes to Italian veteran accounts of their experiences as soldiers. The channel account and owner has various other videos from Italian WW2 veterans. Good and interesting to watch. English subtitles provided in video.

The link above goes to the movie Mission For Mussolini, take the documentary with a grain of salt. Please, keep an open mind, then make your own conclusions or research more. The introduction will give you a grasp on what the period of 1943-1945 was like.


Actual footage of Italian Monterosa, Bersaglieri divisions training in Germany. Avoid comments section


RJB Bosworth – Mussolini’s Italy


Philip Morgan – The Fall of Mussolini

Men at arms series – The Italian Army 1941-1945

-   Italian Black-shirts 1941-1945

Benito Mussolini - My rise and fall

Martin Blinkhorn – Mussolini and Fascist Italy

Guiseppe Finaldi - Mussolini and Italian Fascism

Enzio Caniatti - Legione SS italiana. Storia degli italiani che giurarono fedeltà a Hitler


Posted 4 years ago

 The MAB 38, was widely used however, the backbone of these armies were rifles. Squad-leaders and assault infantry would typically have the MAB 38.

Allied ALpini were armed with allied British or American equipment.

Axis Aplini utilized old Italian equipment: carcanos 91/41, cavlery carbines, Breda MGs and MAB 38s. However, most Italian equipment and uniforms were mixed with new German weapons and gear. K98s became one of the standard rifles for the Italian RSI forces, MG42s were also the backbone MG of these new squads. (German squads are centered around the MG.) G41 Walther rifles also made an appearance please refer to link but were still rare.

They probably were handed to the best shot of the squad or squad leaders. Training and squad structure matched the Wehrmacht and in essence the Italian RSI forces became an extension of the Wehrmacht.

Partisans used whatever they found on the ground extra. Some partisan brigades had X-Alpini troops. I would just like to say for now that the Partisan movement in Italy did exist and contribute to the war effort and liberation of Italy (blowing up convoys, trains and supplies which would incite Wehrmacht and RSI reprisals on the local populace.) The partisans were not as popular as people think, many Italian civilians just wanted to survive the war and not pick a side, they assisted axis and partisan forces in an attempt to remain neutral. This collaboration led to many partisan reprisals on "suspected traitors" and the local populace whether factual or not it did not matter. Nevertheless, their role in the whole war has been excessively over romanticized by Hollywood and misinformation. The reality of the partisan movements was the fact that they were continuously on the run and hiding from the extremely effective counter insurgency programs executed by the Wehrmacht and RSI republican forces. Their greatest success only game in late 1944-1945 when allied victory was inevitable which was also when they began to step up their activity.

Posted 4 years ago

 Looks cool, I like a lot of the new features, crouched running, adjustable scope.

Hope to see if possible, some plain jane, infantry rifles without a scope and adjustable iron sights.  Maybe fixable bayonets, and close quarter kills with entrenching tools/ bayonets of various nations.

The bigger the map the better, please do a lot of country side/rural maps and forested/mountain pass type maps. I like the country territory.

Awesome work rebellion!

Posted 4 years ago

 I agree with your points 1-7. However 4 is where I might disagree. I would like to see weapon upgrades only related to historical truth. I would also like to see historical scopes and customization/camouflage. Or if they do offer full non historical customization, please provide a realism mode where only historical weapon load outs are offered.

And I found this interesting regarding scope reflection in ww2

Great games Red orchestra2 and sniper elite series. 

Posted 4 years ago

 Some of the things I would like to see in the game are

Uniform and web gear selection for main character. Uniforms will include Axis and Allied equipment.

Basic infantry rifles available for pickup and use using ironsights in First person point of view but still maintaining the realistic ballistic effects. Make these infantry rifles an option for those who would like to carry two rifles please.

(Please remember that the G43 was not the standard infantry rifle for the Wehrmacht. Its appearance on the battlefield did not occur till late 1943-1945. G41 Walther and G41 Mauser were also rare.

Could the game designers please create a more precise 3rd person aiming reticle. The Division has some good third person reticle examples.

Italian and Wehrmacht elite units, fallschirmjager, Waffen SS, Italian Waffen SS, Decima MAS Marines, gebirgsjäger, Aplini, bersaglieri, flogore. Would be a great variety of adversaries to fight.

Sniping single-player and online.

Could the game developers please change the game so that the player does not have to expose himself into the open in order to fire a shot. Please allow the player to conceal oneself into the environment or cover and fire from the covered/protected position. The environment should be natural enough to allow a player to conceal ones self in the environment.


Player can shoot between floor boards, barn slates. Players can conceal themselves in grass,

Could you remove the tagging system or change it so that it only points to the general direction of a players whereabouts.

Anyway some of these ideas are what I would like to see.

Posted 5 years ago

Apologies I just found out that the RButton allows you to toggle iron sights sorry disregard my previous mention of not having iron sights