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Posted 3 years ago

 I hope the multiplayer. They will not be such a big maps like3. :) And then I say give him a chance.Although because of Sniper Elite 3. Maybe I should think about. To buy this in this game. It was SE3 retrogression.You had so many good ideas. game modes. Sniper Elite v2 remember at.Not much of it was used up. Perhaps the king of distance.few pieces of it appears.


Posted 3 years ago

 I hope it will be Steam Workshop support like a Battlezone! 

Posted 3 years ago

 I hope SE4 will fix the bad feeling of SE3.

The bad feeling of SE3 is :

In multiplayer game mode :

Maps looks great but more than 80-184 meters distance, the enemy head becomes very small in snipe lens or telescope. So, how can we play the game in Headshot mode? It is too hard. Even if I got the G43 gun, but looked in snipe lens, a distance of over 80-184 meters, the enemy head has not changed much bigger, their heads as same as like the head size of 420 meters in SEv2.

Please do some thing to change it like SEv2 and let we can play headshot mode in SE 3. Maybe you can made the magnification of snipe lens or telescope to bigger?

We love headshots only. But SE3 can not let us play this mode.

Oh, Please do some thing to change it like SEv2 and let we can play headshot mode in SE 3. Maybe you can made the magnification of snipe lens or telescope to bigger?

Thank you very much.

Not by accident do not, Headshot server in SE3.Why zoom bad. Then you'll get 25 rounds. Then solve it yourself, that you shoot down the enemy.Or if you do not have enough ammunition.You can run around to ammunition boxes= Suicide.If you want to. be movement on the map. Do ye little ones. What works in singleplayer. I'm not sure that it works in multiplayer.due to zooming. we can not find a server. outside of to ours.Those who  with wind, and gravity plays. The v2 is completely opposite. There played in all wind and gravity. It was seldom. So he turned off this option.

Posted 3 years ago

 It tells me somebody. To be in real life a chain slide.

Even the ladder I say OK. But in Chain.

Zoom, Sniper Elite 3 has its release. Since then, the problem is zooming. A sniper game.When almost everyone should shoot through a telescope.In V2 was much better.Fewer I zoom. Still see him any more. Better seen.

As I watch these errors. What found.


Maybe it would be better if it comes in the later game. what these things are corrected. And here we only saw one map.

Posted 3 years ago

 Last Sniper- Those who remain last. The winner of the track .Maybe a little later. The last remaining two. Can show position on the two men.In order not to pull over for too long. Others will be able to play.

Assassination: Sniper Elite 1 was  as well. Only here the target.Player can also be a target.One team defends, the other team is trying to kill him.For a while, it is protected. It had more laps. If you are unable to hunt down two minutes. You can designate a new target. Whether the other team as well.

TTH gamemode Update : I hope to return.More than having to pick up third.Adjustable to be. how much to pick up. To write down the points for the team.After a while, flashing the dog tags. Then it disappears.

TDM Update: It counts. Which team how many enemies killed.Do not basis points XP.

TDK like a SEv2: Can you play in Nocross mode!The option should be nocross. Not in a game mode. As at the v2.

Territory protection mode.

Bomb install up mode.

Posted 3 years ago

 I think this is Sniper Elite 3 - Big Italy DLC

Completely the same colors. Used as a SE3, yellow subtitles.

Movement is the same as the 3, It was very bad. In the three as well.Multiplayer.  almost could not shoot running  people. movement in v2 is light years better.

You could not play with only headshots mod.120 rifle either.It was a bad zoom, unlike in V2. and bad movement

You have said again those built the whole thing. I do not really see any difference. Between 3 and 4.

What i like. Climbing. Fighting the soldiers.Xray Explosion, and minimap! I hope these will be included in multiplayer as well.

We do not need such a big maps in multiplayer.As we saw in the video.Like Graves, Neudorf, Olibartus, and ruins.

AI was not smarter.Stabbing to see.2 meters soldiers do not realize.

How can slide on the chain? In real life. So can not. A maximum of the ladder can you slide.

Posted 3 years ago

 Check this video!  Pre Alpha Version gameplay!

Posted 3 years ago

Some good points Atis :) However feel I need to mention the Ammo Boxes?. I would be in favour of Keeping the Ammo boxes in multiplayer, This reduces 'Continuous Camping ( especially in CTF Mode ) and keeps players circulating around the maps replenishing their Ammo and changing locations to Snipe from...Having too much ammo players just remain in one area, then the game can get very predictable and campish, best to have less ammo and needing to relocate to different area's within the map to restock supplies which keeps the game more active and less predictable.

 Let me give a different solution. Make way for lower maps. In V2 was not camping.Because the maps were small.In map size, matched perfectly with this game.The freedom that they want. I give to players. but  give a in singleplayer  mode.Do not in multiplayer.We do not need large maps like I was 3 in multiplayer! This is Not GTA, and not BATTLEFIELD with 32vs32 srv. If you want great things, they increased the number of players , 16 server 8vs8, 19 srv 9vs9.....The first part of the sniper elite was the best. From then on almost every developed backwards.It was 100 ammo.It was spawn protection, minimap, proxi, good maps..There are so many good things deleted from it.Do not give 100 ammunition. But give at least as much as it was in V2.Game physics is like to be a v2's. It was much better than the 3 th. Perhaps the v2 in the amount of bullet. It would have sufficed that is 3. But there it was easier to shoot people. Here a 3 failed to in something like that.Other movements of the characters. Much slower. Already boringly slow. The shot did not like the v2. Many times you have to press the left mouse button twice. As if to fire .. vain, press the button. Do not shoot the gun.Camping in TTH CTF game mode. Let's anything that he camping . Show enemy team on the map after a while. Where his lush. or spotting as if it had been spotted. 120 power rifles could not play the 3.Because it is completely different to work. As in V2.A head shot was completely different. The sniper elite 3. no head shots server. And no power120 srv.There is something completely different now than the fans expected.  The v2 is in many times. In v2 are often head shoot srv.

Posted 3 years ago

 Sniper Elite 3 Match [SEO] vs [SEO] in-house league.

Posted 3 years ago

  •  Anti Cheat System!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do not cease. The dedicated server. Because there we can at least bann and kick cheaters.
  • Forget it the ammo boxes, It was the biggest stupidity in SE3
  • Steam Workshop Support, fan can made maps, and modes.
  • stealth kill in multi, or knife kill
  • admin can kick everyone, not only in dedicated server
  • Being kicked. Do not have to so many votes.
    Do not let the different. Characters.★✓☠◕‿◕Due to such things. Many times they can not kick people. in sev2.
  • can be restarted rank system, like cod prestige....
  • Back the proximity the first part Sniper Elite.
  • Zombie mode correcting the game. I hope it will not be such a 4.
  • When in front of a telescope should have no nothing.Do not stuck the bullet. Mainly it is when you look down a tower. Do you want to shoot. who is coming up for you. You get stuck on the wall in front of you. But the telescope has shown that there is nothing in front of the gun. Only the opponents.
  • The impact ceases.In this case, you can not see where you shot. In this case, you can not always hurt.
  • Scratch the gun- name , clanlogo. .....
  • Often is 3. That puts the white cross. The enemy. Swap red. When you shoot. You can not shoot down.
  • In TDM mode  how many kill one team counts.Do not you like Sniper Elite 3rd. We never could decide, based on what the other team won.
  • Be again Team Dog Tag Harvest mode. when we play  all night in se v2 full our TTH server. But not only for our players.
  • To be played Team Distance King mode in Nocross. The nocross be an option. As in V2. Unlike 3. For thus ruled out the possibility of that. Nocross mode, you can play Team Distance King modes .
  • minimap like a SE1 with On and off options.
  • Use of vehicles , in singleplayer One mission requires you go to the other with jeep,.....
  • Do not you only have to damage engines. Be more options. If you want to give the shot.bombing, bells, machine-gun fire.Above map. Flying aircraft.Go to voice tanks.
  • Do not just always having to defeat a man. Something to blow up. You do not get in to turn on the alarm. Do not free to kill anyone, but some plans bring out off the base.Snipers eliminating it h do not activate the alarm.
  • Do not have to shoot Hitler 3x. Give us new DLC.
  • Female character.
  • Assault helmeted. Both field. Be different from the clothing of two teams.It was very bad in third. Everybody it looked. It was much better  in v2. When he had the Russian and German clothing.You are choosing to look at the beginning of map. Like the Sniper Elite was first.

Posted 3 years ago

 Give us Steam Workshop Support like a Battlezone?But it would be nice if you could create maps.Someone made the Sniper Elite 1 mp maps.

There will be some cheat protection? Because the engine was the same as in V2 and 3. They soon became cheaters in it.

Posted 3 years ago

Hey Atis, yeah think a Knife in SE4 Multiplayer would be cool!, can imagine sneaking up on some guys while at their Sniping spots and slitting there throat ha!...although wouldn't want to see players running round maps with Knife Attacks against other players...not sure how, or if that could be prevented? possibly getting into some sort of Stealth mode could work?... Certainly an option that Rebellion may have thought about....


Perhaps the stabbing Only in stealth kill , can you use the knife. Because it may be that you will have many people would run with knife. I hope I will not have large maps of multiplayer.than 3 not good game in multiplayer . V2 is good in multi.

A good game is a mix for me: Sniper Elite 1-v2 multiplayer, and SE3 singleplayer. If you do so is kneaded. It would be the best game Sniper Elite.

SE1 have good mp maps: Ubahn, Safe House, Missing Contact, Nordsig, Fuel Dump Trainyard

SEv2 have too good mp maps: the best is GRAVES, Neudorf, Black Market, Arms Race, Olibartus, Kaiser, Opernplatz.

But in SE 3 have not good map:  maybe 2 map : Ruins, Lost Valley.They were too big for the others. Few were people on it. It was boring quickly.

Posted 3 years ago

 Personally I love a little crosshair, similar to that on Sniper Elite 1, however I would be in favour of losing the Crosshairs altogether in favour of the Iron sights, as in V2/SE3 the crosshairs are too accurate especially when shooting @ long distance.... Players should be forced to use the Scope, Iron Sights for close quarters, Maybe have an option in settings for turning Crosshair off?

 And if it can be removed scope?So you could shoot?If a map. Such as Graves.Maybe that would be good. Silent kill, knife kill or rifle butt kick in multi.Swimming, climbing rock wall, I see the trailer.There are low houses. House to climb to the top and from there shoot.

Posted 3 years ago

 Guys ! What do you think ! I have a new idee.

If you press the ctrl comes out in white cross.

If you press the right mouse button comes out the scope.

What if you would lose a white cross, instead it would be iron sight. 

Like here:

Or you can take the glasses off the rifle,then they would shoot if you press the right mouse button.

Posted 3 years ago

 Hi ! Dude  Mairtin ! i am here! 

I hope it will be like a Battlezone in SE 4 , give us Steam Workshop Support too.

I hope to bring back the Team Dogtag Harvest mode in SE4, in sev2 all night our srv full in this gamemode. 

I hope the controlls will prefer resemble the v2 away.Light Years was better.

I hope the multiplayer. They will not be so great maps like 3,Single mode will be a big map. But do not need great multiplayer maps. I hope more and more urban maps in multi. Plz Remade SE1 ubahn multimap in SE4

How long will support? Like v2? Or like the SE3? Because I think about it, To buy this.Many of the bugs remain.

Wind and gravity. I hope it will be like in V2.The multiplayer in v2. Everyone has played wind and gravity. The 3-in, almost to the our team [SEO].We support you. Since the first part of the sniper elite. The first was the best. The second was very good. But the third somehow failed. I think that a lot of people think so.Many teams stopped playing. Because of the sniper elite 3. It was not as good as v2.I hope do not need us to stop.