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Posted 3 years ago

 Dance not enabled?  This is a complaint amateurs. If you're good, you can down in moving people can shoot.Large folly I think. You can not move while shooting.Next time I'll ask for? Stand out that we can come before you shoot? At this time, stupid that you can not moving while shooting.

My idee for Sniper Elite 4.

Delete the ammo boxes. Do it your way. That server admin can configure. How many rounds can bring the server to the players. As I watch the new gameplay video. A small part of the village. It would be nice multiplayer. Like Graves in V2. The bridge part is large accordingly. Only where the church is.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Atis

 I think this is on / off options, you can off this information, but the zoom still the same crap. as a first video. xp inscription is the same color as the sniper elite 3, and grapich uglier than SEv2, and SE3.

Posted 3 years ago

 4 min with Sniper!

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Atis

Do you think you will be successful in the new Battlefield? More World War  game get? I hope so, so much better than these sci-fi games. E3 start we wait Sniper Elite 4 video.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Atis

 When finally we get new info, video, trailer? Even the E3 who goes. It showed a new trailer.Announced games. The still unannounced games are not.I hope we get a new trailer even before E3.The first trailer

I thought this time we can see the full trailer is plenty. Is not a good development?There will not be anything out of it this year? I would be pleased if I say the more time made the game.Between V2 and the SE1.Seven years have passed. between se3 and sev2. two years have passed. It showed also the final result.Many of the faults left in the se3. Which is very annoying.

 is what we see was only a teaser.

Posted 3 years ago

Look at how much simpler the creation server. It used to be much better. More everything you could set your server.

Sniper Elite - Minimap On/Off , Spawn Invulnerability Time, Assassination mode , Grenade Blast Radius(8m,20m), Realistic Weapons(arcade, semi auto, slow rifle, bolt action) Sniper-, Machinegun-,Pistole-power, Shots  per direction flash, Weapons respawn time, One option could put all levels you want to play.

Sniper Elite v2- No Mini Map, No Spawn Invulnerability Time,  no Assassination mode/ but New Mode TTH,CTF, TDK in nocross too, No Grenade Blast Radius(8m,20m),No Realistic Weapons(arcade, semi auto, slow rifle, bolt action),No Sniper-, Machinegun-,Pistole-power,NoShots  per direction flash, No Weapons respawn time,At the end of each map, you must choose what you want to play next.

Sniper Elite 3 -No Mini Map, No Spawn Invulnerability Time,  no Assassination mode/ come back CTF, TDK but cant play in nocross mode, and no come back the  best  gamemode a TTH, No Grenade Blast Radius(8m,20m),No Realistic Weapons(arcade, semi auto, slow rifle, bolt action) No Sniper-, Machinegun-,Pistole-power,No Shots  per direction flash,No Weapons respawn time,At the end of each map, you must choose what you want to play next.



Posted 3 years ago

 Today my 2. video.

Walking Dead, One of the biggest mistake of Sniper Elite 3's.Who plays the character can not see.He sees. absolutely fine moves.Teammates and opponents do.In this case, who will control. He can not shoot anybody.


Posted 3 years ago

 Hi , this is my new video! Check this Sniper Elite 3 bugs, I hope these errors will not be in the new SE! 

Get stuck the bullet,in theory there is nothing in front of the telescope,click,click not let to shoot, Red Cross, the enemy is not damaged, the soldier disappears in the texture,

Posted 3 years ago

 Multiplayer testing is coming along great!

 Nice, I hope that those will be tested. Those who have played with all the Sniper Elite multi. They are able to compared the previous SE's.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Atis

" I think the zoom can be improved. the enemy to 167m, impossible headshot in authentic. look at the picture " by 



Rebellion look at this video! Then you know what we're talking about!


Posted 3 years ago

 Finally made the my first video's.As for the zooming, evolution is all about.They always say to much higher maps doing.Then the binoculars, why can not adjust large distances.Distances have increased. But the telescope almost became smaller. You can not zoom in as much as the se1, or sev2. Where were much smaller maps.Please do it at that. Much better would be a game.Soon I will bring the next video.

Posted 3 years ago

 10 seconds is too much.
i used to play a game called WarRock and it is 3 seconds. enough time.

  •  On- Offf option Invulnerability, or adjustable time 1-5. But if in multiplayer as well. Higher maps will be like Sniper Elite 3.It will not make much sense, because it would not look to respawn.
  • Forget it the ammo boxes, It was the biggest stupidity in SE3
  • TDK  mode in Nocross,  It could not be the se 3.Nocross be an option, not gamemod.
  • TDM It calculates how much you killed.Not so like  is in se3.Based on some points, won one of the teams.
  • Steam Workshop Support, fan can made maps, and modes.
  • Anti Cheat System
  • Bring back TTH  gamemode
  • According to nationality. Be the soldier of different outfits
  • minimap, with on off option
  • arcade, bolt action mode like a was in SE1
  • Hardcore mode, How the gun and machine gun shoot you, having too few bullets.Rarely we do that we used to play. Strange that 30 bullet is not enough for a man!
  • proximity back
  • scope zoom like a v2!!!!
  • more prestige, or more level
  • Do ye loose the jammed bullet, SE3 bug, sitting behind the look right mouse button.There is no barrier in the telescope !!!! But if you shoot! Stuck in the ball in front of the wall.In a letter so do not stuck the bullet as if a wall had.
  • female character

Posted 3 years ago

 Not accidentally, many do not like the Sniper Elite 3 . One of the main reasons. The big map, few man.Since I'm playing Sniper Elite 1, in the series. A large tracts of the singleplayer need. No multiplayer.Most people today are playing. The Capture the Flag modes. Then what maps need?With v2, they will continue to play even more. such as SE3. Sooner dies, the third part. Like v2. You'll see.In size were the ideal map. 12 people.When I sit down to play, I want to shoot it. Not only lie down, then they look for. It's that  you do not want  in real games.Lie on your single player. Then look for several hours, but it does not bother others. That you love one hour to watch one opponent. This invented the singleplayer.The V2 was great and small map.Look at how many play the Landwehr canal in sev2. Highest map in V2.It is that about their favorite(SEv2fans) map in V2. Many say the graves. Then look at the size of the map.And then afterwards you think about, what do you want to map.This is not a battlefield, 32vs32. Because the size of the maps slowly. that so many people need to see movement.Ammunition boxes, is to move the players. But then they also know that they were too big. 12 people. The box was recognized. That it will not much moving, they have been less ammunition.