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Posted 9 months ago - edited 9 months ago by Atis

 The names of two players slipped on the scoreboard.

Posted 11 months ago

 It would be good if you had part 4 as well. 16 players could join a server. Because the maps are too big. Look at the PC. Very few people play on fortress and railyard. There is no need for multiplayer on such a large map.  Have a great map in singleplayer. But not in multiplayer. The ideal map sizes. They were in v2. Already in Part 3, they started to be big. But it was still acceptable there.

Posted 11 months ago

 It would be good if we could vote like SE4.At the weekend I made a server in v2. A cheater came in. Then we couldn't kick him because he had a sign in his name. That's why I couldn't kick the cheater. PC! He passed through the walls. He fired up from behind. She moved very fast.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi,  I do not really see playing old clans in SE4. Where are you? Sovs,Parano, Stars, ind , K98. We played a lot of good only head CTF matches. Are not the clans anymore?

Posted 2 years ago

 It is hidden. It would have been good as it was in V2. It is much better if you would.The first sheet. When you select the custom.It would have been that settings . Like a picture.


Posted 2 years ago

 One Idee!

They always favor those who love camp way, because I always wanted to make higher... higher levels, but so should their number (player16, 8vs8) be increased or high levels leave a singleplay this.The v2 map planning was the best, it was small, it was a great map, these are in turn passing the 12 player. Because of the large one was too big. What would happen if you cross lovers something done of.

The idea came nocross mode. Since the very, very few of the maps and 12 people. Maybe it's just a track that is passing is this style. Marina is the best map because the game is not too big.

At the moment,  control point mode to pass this cross mode.I suppose if you come later game modes, CTF will have to be well.So I think these are superfluous, however, these big maps.What if, as the nocross mode shut down the map. Two teams side. Is an option on cross the respective maps would be smaller.Smaller places to go in the match.Compound Course example, could go only in the baracks, it is good to have only headshoot mode, ctf, tdm, control point..... Many times it occurred. The control point mode. Completely different from shot. Not dealt with the man occupying the radio.If you do not want to close with barbed wire. It could be as Battlefield. If you leave the field. Do you have 5-8 seconds to come back and you do not even need the barbed wire. Paint it gray. the part where you can not go and that's it.

Posted 3 years ago

Zombie mode

Posted 3 years ago

 I've got over 1000 hours in the SE3 MP maps.  I would love to help you flush out any bugs.  I know all of the bugs/map glitches in SE3.  ;)


Very soon they stopped their support.Many of the bugs remained inside.Therefore, it was better than v2. More support .---> had fewer bugs. No Zombie mode in multi, no stucking bullet, good zoom, good controll.....

Posted 3 years ago

 We need TTH gamemode, Team Dogtag Harvest,  I'm in this mode for the first time in this series. I met. Then other game has been released as well. Unfortunately, this was not the third part. Which it was a big mistake.  This is at least a little movement compels players. In addition to these great maps. Plz new infos, multi info, multi gameplay, Soon it'll only have a month left. Next week. really very few things we know about.

Posted 3 years ago


Australian Collector's edition.

Posted 3 years ago

When once you give new feeds? It does not have much time to release. Yet the great silence. Multi, we know nothing.  Only one map see.The whole game can hardly something. What are the innovations compared to the SE3. Plz give us info!

Posted 3 years ago

 It would be a question of setting Server.

Empty Lung Zoom:

V2 this option that can not be set. 

SE3 Do you have this option. Can you turn on and off.Which statement is the same as it was in V2. On or Off?

I think if it is off.

Posted 3 years ago

TDM-It calculates when you kill someone. As in V2. Do not is calculated as 3.

TTH-Bring back to this game mode. We love it very much. Always full, our server if I start such a server. In this game modes. With a little update: Be a set how many dog tags Pick up, not 3 But rather more. Thus, the more difficult  this mode. Or that disappears after a time the dog tags.

TDK-One of the best game mode. Sniper Elite 3, however, the biggest mistake you could not in nocross play.

CTF-Very much like to be again.

DM- It's all in game :)

Nocross: TDM, TDK!!!!!!

And new modes

Assassination: One Team protect the target, target is a player. The other team who need to kill. 

Covering the area mode, Bomb installer mode.

And Nickbond- V2 website said a lot of fun game modes.

Posted 3 years ago - edited 3 years ago by Atis

Returning to the small white cross? Soldier's head over the white cross? Although we say, here it is a small point. But sometimes it disappears.It was very good in SE1. It was a little weird to Sniper Elite V2.That is discontinued.It would be nice to be returned.

Sniper Elite 1 white cross

Sniper Elite 4 little point

It is seen in this video. Although sometimes as if it would disappear.


Posted 3 years ago

 I do the videos to be better next game.

Reticle: Expanding the lines. In telescope.

Bad AI: They do not see it, does not obscure the character of the bush. They run away before the enemy does not realize.

Climbing: In a place authorizes climbing. Where they see your opponents. In this case, while it would be better if it could be one level below should climb.