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Posted 2 years ago

 true . this is my sole and primary reason why I will/won't buy a game ... playing campaign is nice and dandy but once you finish it , it will never be as fun as before , whereas multiplayer is a learning experience with each passing day ...

give us some MP vids ... 

 Yeah agree 100% The Single player campaign is great, but the life blood of the game RESTS in Multiplayer - If Rebellion make a superb multiplayer as they did for Sniper Elite 1 - Then I guess we will be playing Sniper Elite 4 for many years :)  

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by MairtinIRE

Hi sniper friends!

 Christmas day is a nice day. But ...  can you really  wait for playing so much ?xd.(a joke).

Only a blackfriday can be better. I hope to buy my new graphic card these days..may Se4 the best to test my new card lol.

Hey! Nick, Christmas day would be great to test Sniper Elite and a new card out .... Hopefully Mr Claus drops a1070/1080 down the chimney (very gently mind Ye lol.... If don't get speaking before then buddy have a Nice Christmas....


Posted 2 years ago

 Fantastic Rebellion....lets hope players make good use off it and is moderated and implemented on a regular basis with the leaderboards being updated. It surely is a start to keeping the game clean...great job :)

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey! Dude, I liked the moment Karl put a knife through the Soldiers Brain then you put your hands up to your Brain lol  ...good reaction :) those brain wobble kills are funny as feck, SICK - but funny as feck ... I lov'em!... It's going to be a fantastic game with plenty of moments like this :)

Posted 2 years ago

 They said in the twicht channel rebellion that they will release demo when finish all the events.

And of course is possible, the demo is release , we can see the prove in all the events when present the game and let to us play the viaduct level. 

I usually watch 'all Rebellion Twitch Streams - but can't recall them saying! they will release a Demo when all event are over? . ( would be nice though for those that have pre-ordered to get access to the Viaduct Level

Posted 2 years ago

 I hope the demo release this year.

Good present for us 24th december?? Christmas day!!!

 Yeah that would be a nice touch!, Sniper Elite Viaduct level on Christmas day!.....

Posted 2 years ago

My own personal opinion would be for Sniper Elite and karl to stay in the WW2 arena, ( there's still plenty of events and locations to explore)  however , I would like to see Rebellion Create an entirely New Game and Character Model and entering into Modern Day Shooters giving us variety between 'past and present' ..... I certainly wouldn't like to see Sniper Elite Games come to an end! :)  

Posted 2 years ago

 On top of that even the fonts colors for the kills etc. are copied & pasted from SE3!

What new does SE4 brings into play when compared to previous ones? I don't see any, except for slightly better graphics.

I Think the New Mission Results layout looks great, looks very clean and fresh...who cares what font is used, it's hardly a gamebreaker lol

"What new does SE4 brings into play when compared to previous ones? I don't see any, except for slightly better graphics."

Have you watched the recent Sniper Elite 4 gameplay's on YouTube?.....if you can't see the many differences to previous titles then your not looking close enough...there's more to it than just looking at the Graphics dude.

Posted 2 years ago


You're asking me how can I be a fan of the series when I dislike Sniper Elite 3? Well, that's easy to explain. For example, I like original Fallout series but I heavily dislike Fallout 3 & 4 because they're bad. In case of Sniper Elite 3 it's slightly different because except for the environment Sniper Elite 3 is simply a clone of V2.

Gameplay is identical, graphics is just slightly better and that's pretty much it.

As for Sniper Elite 4, not having ANY visible wounds on the enemies is what I consider lazyness on the part of the dev team. I find it completely stupid. Why having all those really gruesome X-Ray effects when there's no bullet wounds on the enemies after that? Their brains are getting completely destroyed, chins crushed, legs torn apart by bullets and you don't even have a drop of blood from this wound. Enemies just drop down with no sign of being shot!

Only Noticed post dude.....I've never played Fallout 3 and 4 so can't compare them to the previous titles, however in regards to Sniper Elite 3...and 4 being a clone of V2 and the gameplay being Identical, dude it's has a whole new story line?, different objectives? different feel to the game ie: Movement and controls?...better graphics?, support for 3D?, New Weapons?, Firing Range? A more open approach to how you want to play? ( not restricted to a set route)...I can go on a bit more but you get the idea!......IMO it is nothing at all like V2. The only thing that is the same is that you're a Sniper?. As you know It's a Series of Sniper Elite games obviously there are going to be similarities with each new title there's no getting away from that...I think Rebellion have done a great job with each new game in trying to make it different it ways that it will HAVE a different feel and approach to gameplay. I personally applaud them for continuing on with the Series as they are just Fun! games to play.

As I said before I agree with you on the visible wounds especially when the enemy come into contact with landmines/grenades etc: legs and such should be ripped apart, as for x-ray bullet wounds, well it's showing what a bullet does to the inside of the body (fragmenting bones and such)...but your not going to see much visible damage externally except for entry and exit points...and that's only where the skin isn't covered...On their clothing there should be visible signs of bullet penetration.  Headshots should show more tissue damage with the Skin being torn, the higher calibre of bullet the bigger the wound....For those who may find it squeamish there should be an option to turn it off!. As for enemies dropping down with no signs of being shot?, there's always bloody splatter on the bodies and the ground, and also on objects around them.

Posted 2 years ago

 Yeah that would be cool!, just by looking at the Alpha footage it sure does look better than the previous titles lots of options and new features to complete the game. I like to be a stealthy fecker so it's definitely going to be a challenge :)  Would be nice for those that have 'already Pre-Ordered' to at least get access to part of the Viaduct level as seen at all the gaming events.

Posted 2 years ago

 BattleZone Forum looks so Clean and Sharp Rebellion. Fantastic!... looking forward to this game coming out enjoyed the live play through @EGX best VR Game I have seen to date!.

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Posted 2 years ago

 Do you need to pre-order the Deluxe version to get the TARGET FÜHRER, the CAMO RIFLES SKIN PACK or will they come with the Standard version, and the Deluxe adds future DLC?

You only need to Pre-order the 'Standard Version' to receive the 'Target Fuhrer and Camo Rifle Skins' - Pre- ordering the 'Deluxe Version' will get you 'All Future DLC for the game, added to your account as they become available....

Posted 2 years ago

 Great! to see Pre-Orders are now available...just waiting on confirmation of a 4-pack, and, or special edition before I Order!!... £39 not too bad! was expecting the game to retail @ £49.... :)

Posted 2 years ago - edited 2 years ago by MairtinIRE

Yeah agree to your post to a certain extent, it should show more of the entry wounds to the flesh first before cutting to, and showing the skeleton and internal organs. Sniper Elite 1 had some wicked entry wounds to the flesh with the skin being ripped opened and wacks of flesh being torn from the face. was kinda brutal and showed the damage a bullet would do to the Skin....Sometimes on SE3 you would see flesh wounds on rare occasions...but there not as gruesome as the damage done to the Soldiers in Sniper Elite 1..... with todays High-Resolutions (compared to the Sniper Elite 1 days) and flesh wounds should showcase some gruesome effects.

That being said it certainly no reason not to purchase the game because of the reasons you state..... either your a fan of the series or you're not?  but to state it's a clone of V2 is unfair as it's nothing at all like what comparisons would you says it's a clone of V2, or SE3??, how are they similar?.. Because I fail to see it and any comparisons of previous titles. Comparing 'all' the Sniper Elite games they are all Completely different.