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Posted 1 week ago

 Well I can host now but I can't connect to many lobbies. It times out on 8/10 of the ones i try to join. Hello? Anyone there? Help plz...

Posted 2 weeks ago


Um I can't host or connect to any lobbies. When I try to host it says I have limited bandwidth? When I try to join a lobby it says it failed to join or it times out after trying. I've played other games today and had no problem connecting with people. I'm not connecting with the servers of ZA4 it seems. Help?

Posted 4 years ago

Why? I want this game but i wanted it on disc....what happened? I cant even pre order anywhere in the us, except amazon, and its an EU import for $10 more....

Posted 4 years ago

add me you guys PSN ID wantsumcandi. say you are from these forums on the message please...