Strange Brigade




Posted 2 years ago

 Hey everyone and Rebellion Team!

I picked up Strange Brigade with my 2 other friends recently and started playing together. I gotta say, we loved it so much! It has great action combined with really fun puzzles. Teamwork is so fun in this game. We played Borderlands 2 coop before this and we got bored so quickly because of mindless battles over and over again. Strange Brigade turned out to be just what we need all along.

But I didn't came here to say all this. You know which other game takes place in exotic locations and combines action, puzzle and magic together? Prince of Persia! I can't help thinking about how amazing and fun it would be playing as The Prince and his time powers in Strange Brigade. He even has literally an amulet!

He can rewind himself and surrounding enemies to avoid damages and gain health. He can slow down time in a focused area and slow down enemy movements in the area. Avoiding traps with these powers can be really fun. We can come up with a lot of uniqe ways to adapt him in this universe. He even can be a melee only character and dive into hordes of enemies with various blades.

I don't want  to write too much here and bore you. But I hope some of the devs sees this and consider it for real. At least I wanna hear some of your thoughts on this. I get excited for no reason just thinking about this. :)

Thank you for reading!

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