Strange Brigade



Strange Brigade Review

Posted 2 years ago

 Strange Brigade is one of the best action-adventure co-op shooter games I’ve played in a long time + it has lots of puzzles. When you’re not burning a mummy to a crisp with a flamethrower, you’ll be solving puzzles on the wall or stomping on a downed zombies head in order to crush what little life it has left within it. Personally, I felt the lack of unique character stats and the small number of weaponry a little disappointing, but overall there is a tonne of fun to have as you take on hordes of horrendous beings who will stop at nothing until you’ve been ripped apart.

Strange Brigade is just as much fun and accessible in single player as it is in multiplayer with friends and strangers alike – however you chose to play it, you’re in for one of the best mindless arcade-style games you’ll play this year!

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