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Feedback from a fan

Posted 2 years ago


The biggest driving force behind my purchase was a campaign that I could play with friends. I purchased the deluxe edition and my friends purchased the standard edition. We started playing the campaign on Thursday and unceremoniously wrapped it up tonight. I say unceremoniously because we were shocked at how quickly the campaign ended. All told with our persistent hunt for jars, cats, and secret treasure rooms we ended with about 11 hours of gameplay for our +$50 dollars. Not everyone wants to gather every single item on the map. The item purchasing system only added to the shock as  we had only attained our desired guns 2 levels out from the end. 

Speaking of the end, the last level felt extremely rushed and was without a doubt the easiest battle of the whole game. When we killed Seteki and the credits rolled we were all stunned. That was it? That was $50? THAT was the FINAL boss battle? The map is small and the Ammit creature wasn't even really fightable; it just soaked damage until an uninspired scene change occured.  The Seteki fight was weirdly easy and barely even had what I would consider fight 'phases'. We just shot her to death - no map mechanics to contend with or enemy waves. The level of difficulty felt out of sync with the rest of the game. The Anubis fight was amazing and it took a wipe to figure out how to even come at him. That fight had waves, a unique boss power, and required time management. Comparatively, the final battle was uninspired and brief. The pinnacle of the game was little more than a footnote to discuss with my comrades. 

Essentially, the campaign was too short/unbalanced and the Horde and Score Attack modes are weak stand-ins for meaningful gameplay. We never got a chance to finetune amulet/weapon preferences before the campaign ended and the gold acquisition seemed meaningless. It all felt cut short. Before release I had read that the lore would be more than just egyptian mythology in the base game, but that has apparently moved to the DLCs(maybe). It feels like development ran out of money, but still proceeded to charge full price. 

Please add more levels to the base campaign and rework the final boss fight. If the current iteration didn’t feel like cash grab my friends would’ve bought the DLCs like I did but they are wary now. Do like Divinity did and re-release it bigger and better.


I just wanted to add some feedback on the Horde mode as it was actually pretty fun after we got over the sourness of the short campaign. 

There should be some sort of continued progression throughout the waves after all the doors have opened up, more places to spend our acquired gold,  and optional map rotations with each round. There should also be a way to pause between stages - carpal tunnel is real! 

Score Attack

I didn’t understand the point of this mode. 


The graphics are amazing

The level designs are top-notch

The game mechanics and controls are well done and keep the game fluid and fun

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