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Posted 1 year ago

It's time for another exciting episode of... the Strange Brigade! THE THRICE DAMNED PART 1: ISLE OF THE DEAD launches TODAY on PC, the first brand new mission in the mysterious 3-part campaign for 1-4 players!

There are dastardly developments in uncharted waters of the Mediterranean and rumours abound of rising revenants in a jungle paradise! Only one group of adventurers can stop the coming plague - the STRANGE BRIGADE!

But that's not all, adventure aficionados! A brand new hero has joined the ranks of the Brigade, and you can play as her starting today! Yes, Tessie Caldwell, the famous Rebel of the Skies, is available via the AMERICAN AVIATRIX CHARACTER EXPANSION PACK, which is also out now on PC.

The pack includes Tessie Caldwell as a playable character, the irrepressible but destructive Colbeck Wildfire SMG, the leaden but lethal Hyde & Sons pistol, the ice-cold Glacier Bomb and Tessie's explosive Infernal Firestorm amulet power!

A new Strange Brigade agent swoops in: Tessie Caldwell, rebel of the skies! The American Aviatrix pack includes the following:

  • New playable character
  • Infernal Firestorm amulet
  • Hyde & Sons Compact pistol
  • Colbeck Wildfire SMG
  • Glacier Bomb

Available to download NOW!

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