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Glitched/Locked achievements

Posted 2 years ago

 Brought title  a couple of days after launch.  Played game and though it is a decent game im highly upset of the glitched achievements in the game.  Im not the only one, there are others in this same predicament.  As for myself  all collectable/weapon max and amulet -related achievements did not unlock for me. I erased my game save from the console and cloud and started the campaign over. Collected all items again( diary, cats ,etc.) and the necessary achievements still did not unlock.  i have made several attempts to contact rebellion through your support link and did not receive any type of response.  I hope that you all are aware and are in attempts to RECTIFY THIS PROBLEM.  What is the point of putting achievements in a game that doesn't work. And im a little sick and tired of debating between a developer and microsoft blaming each other for a mistake that should of never took place in the first place. It is not right for some players to get the achievement unlocked and not others. I have done all the necessary requirements to obtain all 198 collectables( in my opinion 198 was a bit excessive) you put into the game.  I would like a reply or response to see what you all are going to do about this.



Posted 2 years ago

 We will be patching this soon.

We apologise that it's caused you so much distress.

Posted 2 years ago

 I hope so...

Posted 2 years ago

I recently purchased GamePass just to play this game. None of the achievements unlocked on Level 1, so I quit and deleted my local save and rebooted. The achievements then unlocked properly during the first mission. I just completed level 2 and no unlocks...did the same delete local save and reboot, but the level 2 achievements are still not unlocking and I am now in level 3

Has anyone else experienced this and have a resolution?

It is horrible that this game was released to GamePass and the glitched achievements are still an issue. I see above the someone at Rebellion stated that they will be patching this soon....and that was 2 months ago.

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