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Horde Mode BALACE Problem...

Posted 2 years ago

I have posted about how amulets are not correctly balanced in horde mode, but its more than just that...

So as horde mode progresses, enemies HP gets higher which is fine. Buuutt because of this, many things become unbalanced... So all of these issues I bring up are in relation to higher rounds, 3,4,5, and on.

1. GEMS, the ricochet and fire gem are far to weak in comparison to the ice breaker. The ice breaker gem can give you one shot kills zombies and even on mummies, very strong critical hits. The fire gem does damage over time, but because the enemies have so much more HP, the damage done by the fire is almost nothing because it does not scale with the enemies. Same with the ricochet gem, its damage is barely even noticeable. So the ice breaker becomes way way OP in comparison. Either make ice breaker weaker or the other two stronger.

2. GRENADES & EXPLOSIVES, not all explosives can actually kill basic enemies in round 5, this is a problem. Molotov sets guys on fire but the damage over time is very weak so it doesnt even kill basic enemies while the TNT can kill 15 or more enemies. Even worse the distraction grenade has  a longer cool down than the TNT but barely can kill anything... very disappointing. So the only explosive actually worth using is TNT because the other explosives just dont do enough damage. No point in using grenades if they dont actually kill enemies... Kinda defeats the purpose. More powerful explosive should have a longer cool down which i get... but all grenades should be able to kill basic enemies that are inside the blast radius.

3. AMULETS, I have posted about this before but it is the same problem. Many amulets are just not strong enough to justify being used. Which makes certain characters such as Archie almost useless... Deadly tether still kills zombies, so u can kill 10-20 enemies. But Archies all consuming swarm does not kill zombies with full HP, so usually get 3 kills maybe... How is this fair? He should have the best amulet powers since he doesnt have any combat abilities. All of his powers are very weak, especially desert mirage and divine poultry punishment. Poultry shouldnt have enemies return to their normal form, they should just stay chickens till they are killed... 

All Amulets and Explosives need to be able to kill basic zombie/skeletons that have full health that are in the radius of the attack. JUST AS THEY DO IN CAMPAIGN ON HARD.

I dont feel that I need to tell the devs exactly what should be done, but obviously a rebalancing is BADLY NEEDED for horde mode. I want to be able to use Archie with molotov grenades, use fire gem with a machine gun, and set everyone on fire and actually cause some damage. But as enemies have so much more health this strategy becomes no longer viable... Shotgun with ice breaker gem and TNT is 1000x more useful.

Devs? Thoughts...? I really hope I AM HEARDDDD

Posted 2 years ago

oh well, i tried

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